Meljen's Design's Template Challenge #18

This littlebee is almost identical to yesterday's bee card.  The Meljen's Design Challenge #18 was to follow the template below, but no color restrictions...these colors are different and I've added  embellishments, diamond glaze for dimension on the cans, along with more pop-ups behind different cuts.  I'm offering the rainbow svg as the freebie.  Off to Scrapbook Creations in Spartanburg, SC...taking my SUV....heard I will need it to haul all my goodies home...haha

I had several request to add outlines for hand-cutting. I will add the Christmas lights and rainbow outlines tomorrow. I did the outline, but when I print they come out wrong size...will work on this.

Download: rainbow svg
I enjoy comments, like you enjoy downloading! Enjoy!


Gee Hawing update "ON THE NEWS TODAY"

If you read the story about my little donkey card 2 days ago, here is the TV news story that was telecasted on the news today.... Gee Hawing Paid Off It doesn't mention her (my SIL) by name, but she is the one behind the design of the camouflage and uniforms being "Made in America".  I guess all the men "gee hawed" and the vision became a reality.

One more quick challenge #36 card to add on this evening for  Kaboodle Doodles.  We had to work with 4 specific colors within the card along with a digi stamp of our choosing and I definitely wanted to use one of Meljen's Designs.  I have one other sorta like this for tomorrow for another challenge with OWH, but had to follow a specific template, not color.  I will post that tomorrow and offer the free rainbow svg.

Don't forget to check out my Crabby Christmas and free lights svg below.

Friday Inspiration Photo Challenge

Yes, I know it's not Friday, but I needed to get the card on the OWH blog today.

I am using this card in my OWH Mid-Week Throwdown Challenge - Christmas in July.  Yup...some people celebrate on the coast and in tropical climates..so this just might be "the" card for that person to send home.       

Melanie, at Scrappily Ever After, has given us this colorful lights photo to challenge and inspire us and others to create a card.  One must plan early if going to participate in OWH (Operation Write Home).   Being a lover of the SC coast, I chose this adorable crab to create my card.  The crab was a free svg from Svgcuts.  I created the lights and santa hat svgs....those will be my freebies for today.  I used the snowflakes embossing folder, puff paint for the hat ball, pop-up dots for dimension, inking and some gold wire.

Download:  Christmas bulbs and holders (svg)
( Will post Santa hat later today...sorry)

ENJOY!!! Stay COOL!!!



Grape Cluster (Scrap Challenge)

       This is my scrap challenge for Scrappilyeverafter.  I've had this grape cluster rubber stamp for over 5 years.  I stamped some out on white cardstock but never knew what to do with them.  I bought a Martha Stewart punch last week (with a coupon of course), played around with some cardstock scraps and put them aside rather than throwing away.  A dedicated cardmaker NEVER throws scraps away...haha  Around that same time, I saw Dawn's ( My Stamping Thyme) blackberry cluster card on her blog and fell in love with her design. I didn't come close to the beauty of hers, but I am content with the outcome of mine.  It was her inspiration.  Thank you Dawn.  I don't have a sentiment for it yet...but when the time comes to send it to that special person, I will know.

Details: old grape cluster rubber stamp images, oval nestabilities (3 layers), dry embossing of squares on first layer, leaves embossing folder on 2nd layer, MS border punch, copic markers, and scrap ribbon.  (I would had rather use silk ribbon, but didn't want to buy since this was suppose to be made with scraps..this was the closest I could find to meet my needs). Size: 5x7


Tree Stump and Puppy Dog

       There is a lovely public domain clip art site that gives me ideas.  There's one particular person named "Tim"(never a last name), that puts a lot of free, public domain art on this site.  This is one of his pieces that I redesigned, added and subtracted and made into an svg.  What I would put above the tree stump is a sweet, little fluttering butterfly.  I plan to make a card and make the puppy sorta spotty and add a little grass. Of course the pieces could always be used separately for other things.

Hope you enjoy! I enjoy comments!


Gee Hawing and Pretzel

       There is an expression some of use  in the South..."gee hawing".  I used it  with my sister-in-law from Rhode Island.....yup, a true NORTHERNER.  She finally bought a book on Southern expressions and not only finds it entertaining but a necessity to keep close at hand to understand what we are saying....kinda like a English-Southern dictionary...haha    Gee Hawing means "you're not in agreement or not on the "same page"or everyone is going in a different direction when there's a group discussion."  My sister-in-law is the vice-president of a big company that deals with the military in a big way.  Anyway, one day with the President of the company, another vice-president, and a few Colonels, she was giving her big spill and speech and heading a big discussion.  Before she realizes what she is doing, she interrupts the very noisy group and informs them they are not "gee-hawing" and wants the group to "come to order". They quickly stop all conversation and turn to her as she realizes her "slip of the tongue".  She quickly informs the men that she is married to a Southern Gentleman and with that came his family and her exposure.  The men got a few laughs out of it to her embarrassment.  It's very hard for a woman at times to carry a big title, large responsibilities, deal with the military on a regular basis and be taken seriously, so her words must be chosen carefully.  Those weren't the words she would had ordinary chosen for that day. Gee hawing is a term used in plowing while using a mule...gee to the left and haw to the right.  Watch old cowboy movies too and see them herding cattle using the same term.  End of Story!!
(I'm sending this to my sister-in-law, but making a few others with a "different sentiment" of OWH)

( The adorable digi stamp is courtesy of Karen Doodles which she created for a fellow team member who raises sweet donkeys.)

OWH Challenge #27  template

When cutting, I would not use the salt dots, but rather apply liquid pearls or while ink to represent salt.  I plan to make a shape card out of it with a cute sentiment and also use the image on background paper.

Download:  pretzel svg



3 Challenges - The Latest Dirt and Nutz for Baseball - Easel Card

My theme..."The Latest Dirt"...because I love a little fun gossip every now and then...hehe  If you follow my blog enough, then you know I have a bad habit of using a lot of puns...that's my "take" on "happy" cards.  Sketch Saturday by Meljen's Design's sponsored this wonderful little challenge on Saturday.  The challenge: use the template below and one of her adorable digi stamps...so many are free.  I made a simple dog bone svg which will be my freebie for today. I applied pop-ups,  copic markers and inking for depth.  (5"x5" card per template directions.)
(This is the spitting image of our grand-dog "Jackson".)

Download:  dog bone svg

The next challenge was to use any image.  This is a digi stamp I made.  It's baseball season, so I thought this would fit right in with the challenge. 

The last challenge was to do an "Easel Card".  It is for challenge #17 for Meljen's Design's Thursday Challenge and it is my very first easel card.  I really like the concept and will be doing more of these.


Trick or Treat....Smell My Feet

A little silly, but fun.  I went with the scary faces from Peachy Keen stamps.  I used Mary's grass from "My Happy Garden Hideaway"set from Svgcuts.com.  The feet, dead flowers, and frame are mine.  Yup...the flowers were to represent dead flowers from "stinky feet".  I think the card could stand one more little thing in the top, right corner..but I don't know what. I felt this was pretty quick and definitely easy.  I opted to omit the toenails on my card. (A2 size)


Sneak Peek for later

       Local craft store was having great sale...just got home.  Here is a sneak peak for later today.  I'm going now to work it into a card rather than just offering the svg.  STAY TUNED and drop back by later or you can subscribe (right column) and svg will be sent directly to you.


Scrap - National Ice Cream Month - Challenge

      Scraps   Scraps   Scraps

ScrappilyEverAfter Challenge for Wednesday was to celebrate National Ice Cream Month.  Instructions: use scraps and "think" ice cream.  This was a" cut-out" offered online by Scrappy Dew, but I made into an svg since I didn't feel like hand cutting, but I will not offer as a free svg since it wasn't my original idea. But, please visit Scrappy Dew if you use MTC(Make The Cut) cutting program.  I used my Happy Birthday embossing folder,swirl embossing folder for the ice cream, ink for depth, some ribbon and all scraps I think made for a cute little card for OWH (Operation Write Home).

UPDATE: Rob, at Scarappydew.com, DOES have the ice cream cone available as a freebie as an svg and SCAL, so drop by and get it HERE

Two Challenges

The OWH challenge was to use one of two digi stamps donated free.  We also had to incorporate punches and/or die cuts.  I chose the classic car, put into shaped card using "Cliff's Clubhouse" set from www.Svgcuts.com and used SCAL to do a cut around the car, and make a shadow.  The inside says."Don't think of it as getting old...think of it as becoming a classic."

The other challenge was from Polycraft.  We were to use the freebie turtle set we earned from doing the freebie last week.  We were given the treat to chose from the store once completed.  Isn't that wonderful!  I used flower punches and embellishments for flower centers, inking and liquid pearl to finish it off.  I think it's such a cute digi stamp...and FREE!!!

I will be posting an svg later today.  I'm off to finish one more challenge.


Pumpkin Babies (alias Part 3)

       OKAY....last of these pumpkins for awhile.  I'm using the "same pumpkin" I have posted for the last 2 days....however, I resized and squished a little.  I had baby faces on them, but I changed them out to look like baby scarecrow faces.  You could also change the background paper to be more of a "Halloween" theme.  ..I did that for some, but I wanted to show it could also be used for Fall and Thanksgiving, as well as Halloween. (Remember, OWH cards have to be sent much earlier.)
       A big "thank you" goes to Svgcuts.com for creating the beautiful set called Harvest Hill Farm where I got my vines to use on my cards.  Svgcuts.com was there at the very beginning of my new found love for cardmaking using SCAL and svg designing.  You must visit and they now have a new store called Pumpkin Cart Crafts. Mary and Leo, at SVGCUTS are a little busy these days.....they are the proud parents of 31 baby pumpkins.  Whew...that's a lot of feritlizer....but organic all the way!!! AND, don't forget those wonderful Peachy Keens stamps..I used the eyes from 2 sets.
UPDATE:   I forgot to mention that I cut out a 1 1/4" circle for face and adjusted my pumpkin and babies around that since I had a 1 1/4" circle punch and peachy Keen faces.

(Suggestion: Take the pumpkin and pumpkin kids into the same screen in SCAL or MTC. Adjust the size of kids and pumpkins to make proportional to your liking. If this is still too new to you, email me but be sure to leave a return email and I will send you the SCAL 2 file.)

SVG is posted for a limited time.  See comment in top-right column.


Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of what will be posted later today...
Please drop by later and check it out...have a great day!!


Pumpkin Slider Card....(Part 2 of 2)

Yup, it's a slider card.  This is the same pumpkin (2 pieces) and all I did was to add the hat and not use the stem.  I cut one extra "outline" of the black piece to make the  solid back.  I glued just the edges of the 2 sides and the bottom area (not the top). I then taped a piece of paper (approx. 2  1/2"(w) x 3"(L)) to the back of the hat. ( I erased this post by mistake this morning and had to re-write everything, so this isn't too detailed.....bummer :( )  This will fit into a A2 size envelop.  The pumpkin yesterday needs a 5x7 envelop unless you opt to reduce the stem or cut off 1/2 of stem to fit into the A2 size envelop. (PLEASE READ UPDATE BELOW about yesterday's card...I hope it clears up some questions.)

(Limited time for posting...please see comment on top right-column.)

UPDATE on Pumpkin (Part 1 of 2)

       Someone brought to my attention that I had too many pieces in the pumpkin.  Actually, it only had 3 pieces.  ( I took it into SCAL and did an "outline" of the pumpkin. In my photos, the bat, Halloween and flower paper is just "one" piece by doing an "outline".) I could had done one of 3 things.  First, welded a tiny piece between the 5 pieces between the veins. Two: offered a SCAL file where I simply did an "outline" of the pumpkin and only had one piece.  I don't always offer a SCAL file because it's a little extra time and some people have MTC program and can't use the file.  I assumed crafters would take the pumpkin into SCAL or MTC and do what they needed to do to help them. ( Now it comes back to me what my old college professor said about the word "assume"!!) Everyone has their own way of processing a card...that's what's so cool about all these wonderful blogs...getting and sharing ideas and hints and making suggestions.  Or three: I'll try to remember in the future to offer less pieces in the Inkscape (svg) format. I could have used a "path/difference"  so you wouldn't have had to know that going into SCAL or MTC.  Inkscape is still a learning process for me also.  I always try to  minimize the number of pieces that must be cut.  Again, I try to cut and make a card before offering it to others.  If I think it's too much trouble, why would anyone else want to do it....haha
SCAL screen shot:  ( I did an extra black piece "outline" of the pumpkin on left for the back of card.) Gosh, I hope this helps and clears somethings up.)


Pumpkin....(Part 1 of 2)

       It may seem early, but my son and I are working on cards for OWH (Operation Write Home).  Halloween and Fall cards will have to be shipped soon.  This is a 2 part series....today is part one and tomorrow is Part 2....it's a surprise, so you must come back tomorrow to get all the pieces....haha  The pumpkin svg looks a little boring, but with a little imagination, it can come alive.  I'm not one to go far "outside the box", but I'm trying!   (YUP...it's a shape card that opens so you can write your message.)

(Limited time posted...please see top right-column comment.)

Comments welcomed!!!


Two Challenges

       It's Sunday morning and I have family coming in for a lunch feast, but I wanted to hurry and do this card for two challenges.  I will do one more for Operation Write Home later today.  The two challenges were Sketch Challenge #26 for OWH and the other for Tales from Polycraft.  At Polycraft, they want you to use one of their freebies and for OWH, they want you to use the Sketch format below.  I hope to post an svg later this evening.   Thank you for stopping by and taking a peek! ( I had to go back because I forgot the rectangle behind the little girl for the OWH challenge.) OOPS!
        UPDATE: The third card meets requirements for both challenges also.  My son has begun making cards for OWH for a class, Service Learning, that will start in August.   He'll be in the 11th grade.  He chooses to do more of the boy, manly cards and loves doing the Halloween.  So, I do the first one to guide him, and he does one and sorta follows it...haha.  He's starting to venture out on his own.


Tomato Dreams

.......If you follow my blog to any degree, you see I "dream" a lot.  My friend "Reet" just displayed a picture of her first crop of tomatoes on the Svgcuts.com forum.  Being from the South, we have already been blessed with our first crop.  I love fried green tomatoes!  And, if you are from the South, then you know what a "true" tomato sandwich is....white bread, tomatoes from the garden (not the store), Duke's mayonnaise, salt and pepper.  I didn't say it was healthy....I said it was Goooooooood! Don't forget to eat it while leaning over the kitchen sink, for the juice will be dripping down your arm even if you did try to wrap it in a napkin. (I made the wheelbarrow, tomatoes are from Veggie Garden Part I at Svgcuts.com, bear is from Bears Camp Out  at My Scrap Chick. Yup, it's a shape card that opens.  I did some inking, and used a button for the hub cap.

Download:  wheelbarrow svg
Download:  wheelbarrow SCAL 2
(Svg will be posted for limited time....please see comment on top right of blog.)

ENJOY!! ENJOY!! Go fix a sandwich!!


You're my "Sweet Pea"

       OWH (Operation Write Home) was having their Midweek Throw Down Card Challenge.  The theme was to make a card to be sent to a young or older child.  I didn't want it too babyish, so this is what I created.  I made into a shape card.  Inside is a poem and a place to write a note.  There are not too many pieces, but I made 3 peas, so it may seem a lot.  I made all the svgs and I used my wonderful Peachy Keen stamps.  I love comments.

Download: Sweet Pea svg
        Download: Sweet Pea SCAL 2

Time has expired for download...see comment in top-right column.  It will be offered again at a later date...just don't know when.  Stayed tuned


Scrap Challenge

       I saw my friend Cheryl's "scrap challenge" at Scrappilyeverafter and I had to try it.  LOVED IT!!! You can only use your scraps, but you can also use open boxes of embellishments and/or cut scrap ribbon.  I made this in only 10 minutes....maybe you say, "Yeah, it looks like it"...but I honestly had so much fun; it forced me to use scraps and I think it turn out well enough I would definitely send it to someone.  Even the card base was a scrap! ( The card is a gate-fold so it's sorta 3-d.)  Thank you for stopping by and the svg for today is below.
Scraps came from svgcuts scrap pile, Trina Clark clipart, and some of my punch machine mistakes.


.....Let us get together soon!  (inside)... it's been much too long since our last visit!  Didn't have chance to make the card, but that was my plan for the card.  Don't know why I'm into puns, but maybe because they make me laugh a little and everyone could use a laugh or two.

Download: lettuce svg
( No expiration)