Stylish Award...POOF and it's gone!!!

I was given the Stylish Award from Christel from Scrappin Sista.  How wonderful and thoughtful!!!  I have spent the last "2.5 hours" writing info, writing 8 facts about myself, thanking her  and picking out 8 people of "new" sites I have enjoyed learning from and just getting great mojo.  THEN POOF....one button and everything was gone....gone I say...and everything was saved and now gone.  I can not retype everything.  Christel...thank you for the award and I just LOVE her title for her blog and her wit and personality in her cards. I can not accept the award since I can not retype everything, but I wanted to show I can win something every now and then...haha   Thanks again Christel!

Need Some Help and Suggestions....

...from my followers and lovely people who leave comments.  Very nice people leave me comments and some also request svg files that are no longer posted. In most cases, I don't really mind emailing the particular file to them.  However, many of these people ask but DON'T leave an email address.  NO ONE should post their email address in the comment box in order to maintain their privacy.  So please....if you want a svg that is no longer available do two things: 1) Be a follower, 2) email me from your personal email so I can reply; otherwise, there is no way for me to send a file.  I SOOOOOOoooooo appreciate the wonderful comments that are left and would like to acknowledge these inspirational messages.  Lately, the comments have really given me a much needed boost when I have been "a little" down lately.  My email address is under my "Profile" picture and history.



Dove of Peace

Where have I been?  So busy!  I've been cutting out lots of svgs for a workshop I'll be doing next week with some very special high school students. I'm still not finished.  I'm also trying to get started on Valentine cards for OWH.
Anyhooo...I offered the svg a few weeks ago for the card below.  The card is for my neighbor who will soon be starting to celebrate Hanukkah.  One of my students is also Jewish, so I'm cutting the pieces out for her to put together in the workshop.
The svg freebie today is just another dove you might like better.   It was a public domain image that I cleaned up and made into an svg.
A2 size, embossing, pop-ups, pearlized paint on twig, white, blue and silver cardstock


Reindeer card

       I've been on hiatus!  Lots of things going on and finally over my ills....I just had to take a few days off.  Now I'm a few days behind...haha  I did this quick little card, but forgot to take a picture before sending.  I used embossing folder on front of card, swirl embossing folder on reindeer, a shiny rhinestone red nose and google eye, pretty ribbon and stitched around the front.  I chose to use the 2 piece card instead of the one you fold, but I will post both.  If I get another one completed tomorrow, I will post. You message will slide down in the front pocket.
A2 size card

Download:  reindeer card  (2 pieces) svg


Winter Scene

 My 2nd entry to the Svgcuts challenge.  I used elements from Christmas Cookie PartySanta's North Pole Workshop, Camping at Fox Ridge, and Winter Bliss collections. You can see the "2 deer" in one of the last photos. My svgs are the Santa and reindeer and the church.  I also made a snow covered rooftop for the cabin from Camping at Fox Ridge. (PS: My inspiration was Brenda from Bren's Designs).

Other materials:
SU sentiment
copic markers
puff paint for snow on tree

left side view

2 deer on 2nd fold

....slides easy into 5x7 envelop

I made an svg of church by looking at a photo on a retired christmas cartridge I saw online.
Download:  church  (svg)
The svg is available for 3 days.


Svgcuts: use cuts from Christmas Cookie Party or Santa's North Pole Workshop
Cooking with Cricut: Holiday project
The Pink Elephant: red, blue, yellow
Caardvarks:  Christmas


Christmas Goodie Jar (svgcuts challenge)

        I'm allowed 2 entries to the svgcuts monthly challenge.  I met requirements, but what do you think about me entering this as one entry?  I made the glass jar svg.  I aligned and cut the jar strategically in SCAL.  I then placed the cookies and candy between 2 pieces of acetate clear sheets like a sandwich....sorta a shaker card, but the cookies don't shake. ( I cut a slit in acetate for the gingerbread man and peppermint sticks to stick out of jar mouth.)
        I was also trying for something a little old, a little primitive.  I sewed the edges along the card and on the sentiment. I used raffia to attached the sentiment, inking, glossy accents on the jelly part of cookies and silver balls on sugar cookies....just like when I was a little girl...yum yum!  I used elements from svgcuts Christmas Cookie Party Collection. ( I'm posting different angles of card to help you see what I was trying to accomplish.)

Size: A2

close up

another close up

inside of card for message

Download:  glass jar   (svg)
( I also have the jar top, but didn't attach.)

SVGCUTS: using Christmas Cookie Party elements

Sneak Peak

       I feel like I've neglected my blog.  Two things: had to go to doctor for a sinus infection and working hard on two challenge cards for svgcuts.  I have decided not to look at the cards already posted for the challenge.  Two of them had some of the same ideas I was going toward...haha  Soooo, I'm headed in another direction, will not look at any more cards posted, just stay focused on what I'm going to do no matter what, and THEN I will post and only then will I considered looking at what others have done.  The forum crew work very hard on their cards and challenges so I feel I have to work hard too to stay up to snuff.  Go check out the challenge....just don't come back and tell me anything...haha!
       Anyhooo...here is a sneak peak of an svg I've worked on for the challenge, but will not post until I post my card. 
        Everyone have a great rest of the weekend!


Turkey svgSvgcuts

       This is the svg for the little turkey on my card.  The sentiment was a free svg file offered this week from Mary and Leo at www.svgcuts.com . See link below.

Download:  turkey silly   (svg)

Svgcuts.com Give Thanks caption


"My Blog Has Attitude" Award

 I have received a blog award from Staci at Hestiashelper.  Thank you...what a wonderful surprise!

You got awarded an "I got the Attitude! Blog Award? Now what?

Well first of all Congratulations!!


In order to qualify for the $5.00 Digi’s With Attitude! Gift Certificate you must state 3 things that makes you different from everyone else and you must nominate 5 blogs. Lastly, you must display the Blog Award Badge (above) in your sidebar and link it back to the Digi’s With Attitude! Challenge Blog.

If you have been awarded the “I got the Attitude! Blog Award” and you have followed all the steps please email dwacblog@live.com claim your Gift Certificate. Include your full name and your blog name. Only one gift Certificate per person & blog please. 

Gift Certificates will be sent to you within 48 hours of receipt on a business day via a reply to the email received. 

What 3 things make me different from everyone everyone else.  What a hard statement to make!  I'm sorry, I'm no different than other card lovers so perhaps I won't get the certificate.  I love to create svgs for me and other people.  I'm more than willing to help someone with an svg if they can't find one or having trouble with one.  I love mixing digi images with svgs and finding challenges where I can mix the two.  I like introducing svgs, digi images, and SCAL to people who have never experienced these mediums.  I love to see the expression on their faces...they really light up!  I'm like a kid in a candy store when I visit blogs of my friends or new digi stores....I'm left with so much inspiration!

People I would like to pass on the award: (No particular order)
1. Celeste: A heart of gold and dedicated to OWH...big svg user and will give you the shirt off her back
2. Deloris: Another heart of gold and also working hard for OWH...big digi user and world's best in finding new digi shops and challenges
3. Cheryl1: What can I say...another heart of gold who's back in the saddle after a big move....shares my sense of humor
4. Images by Heather M....if you need an svg (other than me..haha) she's the one and her tutorials have really help me in Inkscape
5. Rae Ann:  a Bugaboo DT member....she showers me with digital inspiration.


Santa's night (2nd posting today)

        This is the same scene with Santa and his reindeer, except not using the window.  The svgs were freebies last week.  Colors are not as bold as in picture. As a reminder, I used Svgcuts Winter Bliss set for the trees.

Size: A2

Winter Bliss link at Svgcuts.com

Happy Content Grinch

        I wanted a happy grinch so I used a public domain image and change it up to suit my needs. I did one extra white trim on the hat to give it dimension...use some pop-ups to help.

Screen shot of pieces when you take it into SCAL
Download:  Happy Content Grinch  (svg)
Please remember that is for personal use only.  Hope you enjoy!


Christmas Pudding

      "My interpretation" of Christmas Pudding as an svg.  Christmas Pudding is not a tradition followed much in the US, but I have made so many cyber friends from the UK that I wanted to do something for them.  The tea cup doesn't fit the color scheme, but that is from my childhood tea set...it brought back fond memories. I'm not saying how old I am, but trust me, the tea set has got to be an antique....haha  ( In SCAL, I welded 2 together to make a shape card.) Don't know why I used buttons...guess because I wanted to for fun. Icing should be smooth, but I wanted texture...hey...it's my card and I can do what I want...no more art teacher hanging over my head from dear ole college days....haha
I used my other holly svg instead of what I posted today.

Download:  Christmas Pudding   (svg)

If you like this, I would really love a comment to hear from you!



Snowman Globe (Non traditional colors)

       This is the same snow globe from yesterday, but with a little twist.  For Crafty Ann's  and There's Magic In The Air challenges, you are to use non-traditional Christmas colors.  I hope that means don't use red and green.  These days, any colors are "in vogue"...haha   I'm still using the wonderful snowmen image by Crafty Ann's. The cut snowflake is courtesy of Images by Heather M, the stand is my svg freebie from yesterday, a metal snowflake and 2 blue embellishments.

Size: A2

Crafty Ann's: non traditional Christmas colors
There's Magic in the Air:  non traditional colors


Snowman Globe

       My husband started another project for me, but it being cold outside, I watch from afar.  Every project has it's challenges and this one is no exception.  Since our house faces the north, the steps stay slippery and icy during the cold season.  He's putting up railings so I don't bust my little "tuss" or my friends in England would say "bumm"!  Isn't he a dear? He wants to make sure I don't fall so I don't have the chance to say I can't cook...haha... but isn't he a dear!
        The beautiful poinsettias on the cards are from Svgcuts called 3D Wintergreen Flowers.  You are truly missing out if you haven't visited this site and bought some of their awesome sets.  Wow  Wow Wow!!!
        I made 8 cards with 4 different backgrounds.   I will do one more for a "non-traditional Christmas colors" challenge for Crafty Ann's.  The image is from Crafty Ann's, a new site I enjoy. You can buy the images colored or black and white.   The image is incased in a snow globe hanger but I couldn't fit onto an A2 card since I was wanting to keep the image a 3" circle so I had to design my own.  

If you choose to download the snow globe hanger, you will have to narrow it a slight bit when you take it into SCAL or MTC to fit an A2 size card. You can also put extra colored paper behind the slits in the stand for contrast.  This will be available for 3 days.

Download: snow globe stand    (svg)

Svgcuts.com  3D Wintergreen Flowers


Grateful - Pumpkin Boy - Freebie

        This is the most adorable little boy pushing the wheelbarrow filled with pumpkins.  My inspiration came from Deloris, a fellow friend card maker. The image is called AKV wheelbarrow boy from Bugaboo Stamps. (50% off sale this month.) I tried to make it Fall without using orange.  Actually, it has a little turquoise and wine as well as other Fall colors.  I embossed the Hero Art leaf with bronze powder and it's shiny with wonderful texture.  I doubled stitched around the card....looks like I may have had too much wine while sewing one side...not really....I think I sneezed and it went askew....haha.

Size: A2   Copic markers for coloring...opens sideways...sentiment stamp from Hero Arts
Bugaboo (Catch the Bug): Twirling Autumn
Cards for Men:  Anything Goes...as long as it's for a male
Delightful Sketches: Sew
Scrappy Frog Challenge: Give Thanks
Sew Many Cards: Fall
Sassy Studio Designs: Stitching

The freebie today doesn't follow with my card. My future DIL has done a half marathon and is now training for a marathon in California in a few months.  Someone asked me today for help with this picture, so it helps her and helps me as well.

Download:  female runner (svg)
I really don't know where this picture came from since it was sent to me, so please remember, you are not to use to resale or make profit.  This is for personal use only.


Svg Christmas angel or snow angel

       Well, I received 10 request so I'll be happy to post it.  As I said, many times I do an svg for a card I'm making and don't really know if anyone would be interest in it.  So glad yal have a use for this angel.  Enjoy!!!
The svg will also have a pinafore.  Remember, I welded 2 together to make the card.  I made an extra one to cover up the fold on top to look nice, but it's not necessary.  If you make something with it, I would love to see it.
Download:  angel   (svg)

Christmas Angel or Snow Angel

       Lost my mojo last 2 days....trying hard to get it back!  The angel is from  another old punch that's near its last punch, so I made it into an svg.  I enlarged and made a shaped card.  I did one extra angel to cover the fold area.  I used 4 different embossing folders for the pinafore area, pop-ups for dimension between each layer and glitter pen (which looks weird on the photo but great in person).  I decided not to ink. There are several different angle views.
        I thought I would do something different about posting the svg.  If I get at least 10 comments from people who said they would be interested in the svg, then I'll post it.  I get in a slump and  know not all svgs are what people are looking for...many times they are svgs "I" need for my card.  Here is the image.
 Side view....Welded 2 angels in SCAL  (Card size: A2)

Another front view

Glitter is not dark like in picture...lots of glitter on wings and berries
Close-up of different layers

Simon Says Stamp: Anything White
Creative Card Crew: Punches It Out
Operation Write Home: Paper Piercing
ABC Christmas Challenge:  Winter Wonderland
Lexi Creations:  Anything Goes


Bushel of Apples

       I made this quick, clean, little Fall card for the progressive challenge with Creative Chicks #22 at SNB. I hoped to post a freebie svg, but substituted for a class of high school special students that I adore.....so no svg tonight, but I'm working on one for tomorrow. The good news, I earned money that I can spend on my crafting addiction.
Size: A2, sewing, snb image, copic markers, die-cut, punch, embellishment.