Clam Secret

       I just got back from the beach.....WONDERFUL! We had a surprise party for my brother and I was asked to make an invitation with a clam theme since we were going to have a "clam boil" in Little Compton, Rhode Island.  This is the card that was sent out to 30+ people.  Everyone kept the secret and my brother was surprised! I put diamond glaze on the lines to give it the feel of having clam ridges and made a little shadow to give it depth.

Download: clam
(No Expiration)


  1. Oh how cute. I can use this and I am also a beach lover and love clams.

  2. Love the clam. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cely - this is a wonderful card! Very nicely done! It's the little details like the shadow and the glaze that really make it so special! I can only imaging it was a huge hit!!
    How exciting to have a surprise party (I've never been to one). I hope you had a wonderful time on your trip! :)

  4. Cely, this was a must have for me living in Pismo Beach (known for Pismo clams). I'll have a lot of fun using this one.


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