TRUE STORY....that inspired today's card!!

The Bugaboo theme challenge...what does "Dog Days of Summer" mean to you...(perhaps end of summer vacation, kids going back to school, less children at the mall, etc)

Well, the following is a TRUE STORY about my friend....

       My friend lives at the beach. School was starting back for her son who would now be entering the 6th grade. She delighted in telling him how much she would be enjoying having the beach to herself and catching up on things that matter the most to her once school started. He walked away a little annoyed.
       On the first day of school, the teacher went around the room asking each student to tell something about themselves and their family. John, still being annoyed at this mom and having to return to school proceeds to say, " I like sports, my dad works for the phone company, and my mom takes long hot baths, drinks boxed wine, sits around eating bon bons and reads trashy novels."  The class had a big laugh as the teacher hurried along to the next student.  Needless to say, my friend was "the topic of converstaion" in the teacher's lounge.  And, yes, the story got back to her since she did volunteer work at the school...of course, after she had her hot bath, drank wine, ate bon bons, and read her trashy novels. 
(I'll not give names in order to protect the innocent.... and the guilty.)

This is how I came up with this card for the Bugaboo challenge.
Size: A2

Freebie for today.....pumpkin pie....yum yum!

Download:  Pumpkin Pie   (svg)
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Last Days of Summer (+ freebie)

       OK...maybe not the last days of summer, but kids going back to school thing it is the last day of their lives...haha
       I'm continuing this week paying tribute to Svgcuts.com and still offering svg freebies.  PLEASE check out their Card forum and see some amazing cards that have been posted by members. Most challenges seem to be in the digi stamp world, not cuts.  So I'm trying to combine the two mediums where ever possible.  Bugaboo stamps has something for everyone and every occasion so I enjoy mixing medians with their challenges. This challenge is "Dog Days of Summer" (meaning last days of summer, school starting back, etc.)  Rules: only use shades of white, beiges, blacks and one other color.  My other color for this card was "green" as was yesterday.
       I used Svgcuts "Cliff's Clubhouse" set, my tropical (jungle) tree svg offered a few weeks back and Bugaboo summer butterfly bear.  I love the beach and easel cards as you can see.

This is my Happy Spider svg freebie

Download: Happy Spider   (svg)

Have a great, safe week!!!


Where did the summer go!

       Bugaboo has a challenge about the "Dog Days of Summer"... talking about the end of vacation, school starting back, etc.  The challenge was a challenge....haha... because you could only use shades of white, tans, blacks and one other color.  My other color was "green". Here's "bugaboo bear thinking" while relaxing on a tire swing.   I offered the free svg tire swing last month. I don't think anyone will be interested in my 1/2 tree svg for my tire swing card...haha...but here it is.

Download: half a tree  (svg)
Comments are enjoyed if you choose to download!


Happy Birthday with a cherry on top!!!

        Such a cute digi stamp from Meljen's Designs.  I added my svg cherries with stems, some glossy accents, embossing, Trina Clark's cupcake image and called it "Happy Birthday with a Cherry on Top".   I think the card could even be used for an adult's birthday.
Size: A2 (Vertical card)


Teacher's Thought For Today! (+ Friday Freebie!)

       These will be the last 2 cards for our education theme challenges for Scrappily Ever After. Friday is always "Photo" inspiration day.  I decided to make TWO cards.  The first card has a classroom teacher theme...obvious since I was a high school teacher.  I used a Bugaboo "Crabby Cathy" digi, and public domain picture of pencils and a flag. It's also for Lorraine's Simon Says Stamp  and SimonSaysStamp challenge.
Size: A2

The shaped card was made using the "Pencil Guy" from My Scrap Chick, using the same sentiment.

Size: A2

Inspirational photo

The svgs for Halloween are created just for fun, not to offend anyone.
  There are 2 Friday freebies.

"pitchfork and scythe"

Download: pitchfork and scythe  (svg)

Have a wonderful, safe weekend!!!


Trendy Blog Award

Trendy Blog Award from Heather M’s
Thank you Heather at Heather M’s Blog for nominating me for this award!
As part of receiving this award I am to give the Trendy Blogger award to 10 other bloggers whom I think display their talent and time/effort on their trendy blog site. I am also to list two reasons why I started blogging and why I continue to blog. 

1. I originally started  blogging On January 1, 2010 as a New year’s Resolution to offer one svg a week to fellow card makers who love the art as much as me.  I have passed my goal and now average at least 4 a week.
2. I continue blogging because it’s a thrill to see an image I create come alive on paper.  Then, when I share it with others and receive thank you’s, it’s a good feeling knowing that I may have helped some one complete one of their happy projects. As a high school teacher, it was wonderful to help a student master a new concept.  I have the same feeling about me mastering each svg and card and sharing my learning and creations with other card-makers and bloggers. AND... ALL the blogs that I follow REALLY inspire me!!!
Here is my list of nominee’s (in no particular order).

No Mushroom for Mouse and torch freebie

The card is for Spyder's Corner  Challenge using her digi.  No rules other than use the digi.  I also used 3 sets from Svgcuts:  Strawberry Lane, My Happy Garden Hideaway, and Hazel's Wicked Witch Craft, along with copic markers, some bling, pop-ups for dimension and glitter pens.
A2 size

Today's freebie is a wall torch...just right for Halloween...can't wait to use!

Download: torch
I would love a comment if you love to download!


Nuts about School

       It's Wednesday challenge time at Scrappily Ever After.  Be sure to visit and see what my very talented, fellow DT members have done.  I used scraps and if you checked my blog last Sunday, you know I had a "Clean the Scrapbox" party...haha!  For my acorn shape card, I used Svgcuts Fall Pop-Up Collection, Elizabeth Dulemba's adorable squirrel digi stamp, an embossing folder and some blings. (Added this to the OWH Wednesday Throwndown challenge.)

My freebie is the silly little pumpkin I've done about 4 different ways so far.  This time I needed it to be a jack-o-latern.  I un-welded it in case someone could use it by itself rather than in the frame.
Download: Halloween pumpkin   (svg)


To be Frank...I Love Halloween

In the next 2 weeks, I will be using a lot of Svgcuts collections, along with my svgs.  Svgcuts is the "best place ever" for ideas, tutorials, help, fantastic prices and fantastic sets of svg files!!! When I start my BLOG CANDY and challenge, the 2 prizes will be for any one set of "your choice" at their store.  The blog candy and challenge will start Labor Day.  More details about the challenge later.

This card is not that "busy" in real life.  All the elements are from SVGCUTS except for my broken fence (and tombstone/ghost)....which is today's freebie. The inspiration for Frank came from Cheryl at Cafexpressions.  I forgot to add the black on face and patches before taking the picture....oops!

Info: Size:A2    Sets: Monster Mash, Spooky Silhouettes, and Hazel's Wicked Witch Craft
Complete view
Inside view
Front view (forgot the black outlining before taking picture...sorry!)
Download: broken fences   (svg)
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Thank you and ENJOY!!


Pawley's Island or Bust!!!

     My brother and his wife, Ray and Dawn, have just bought a beautiful vacation home at Pawley's Island, SC.  When they retire, this will be their permanent home.  They will never retired so maybe they will ask me to check-in on it and take care of it...haha.. while I'm relaxing on the beach! They have another beach house at "Litchfield by the Sea".  I'm taking my family down in October, while Ray and Dawn are in France.  Is that the life or what!!!! I love them...they are wonderful people!!  If you keep up with my blog,,,,then you will remember Dawn....she's the one that has to try to get the military and the corporate officers to "gee haw" during meetings.  Here's the card I made for them this morning and mailed.
        This tri-fold is very easy.  You don't even need SCAL to cut. Size: A2 (5.5x4.25).  Craftiblog has excellent directions that are easy to follow.  The route sign is from Cliff's Clubhouse Set at Svgcuts.com.  The cute bear bug driving is a digi from Bugaboo and the car is a MS punch.
The Front

The Inside
Whole thing at an angle

Ghost and Tombstone

I posted the frame yesterday which included the ghost and tombstone, but it was welded into the frame.  I thought someone may like to use it separately. Both were public domain jpegs, but I cleaned them up and made into svgs.  If you don't make the tombstone large enough, then I recommend just writing the words "RIP" rather than cutting.

Download: ghost and tombstone  (svg)
Please be kind and leave a little comment if you chose to download the freebie svg.



Never too early to get started on Halloween, especially if you plan to get those cards shipped off for OWH. Just something quick I made last night.  I made the fence svg and will offer sometime during week. I made the pumpkin several weeks back but changed it up a little.  Everything else were public domain jpegs that I tweaked and made in to svgs. (Lots of glitter on moon and other places but can't be seen in picture.) If you choose to download please leave a little love by leaving a little comment!
(5x7)  Best to write in "RIP"
5x7 is best size

 If you choose to download the svg, please leave a positive comment,,,it would be the polite thing to do...it's just a "feel good" kinda thing!!!


"Clean Out the Scrap Box Extravaganza" and Wine

My "scrap box" was out of control.  So, I invited my card partner (when she's not school counseling) over to my house last night for wine, dinner and a "clean out the scrap box" extravaganza.  She is holding up 2 scraps one of us saved.  WHAT WERE WE THINKING!! We save our scraps like any good card maker would, but this is ridiculous!!  We must had been feeling desperate for paper....I don't see enough paper to punch or cut anything....haha   Next Friday, tackling another "out of control" area of our card making, along with the wine and cheese. (PS  Maybe svg later today.)

In the Sunroom with utter mess!

Ridiculous scrap No.1

Ridiculous scrap No.2

After all was said and done...we had some good fun and laughs!


I Love to Learn My ABC's

        School has started back for students in the South.  I think the North has about 2 more weeks.  For some children, it will be their VERY 1st time....so sweet.  They get so excited about writing their name and the ABC's.  It's Photo Inspiration Day from our TL at Scrappily Ever After.  My digi snail was free from Elizabeth Dulmeba. The blocks and pencils are from Clker.com.  I used "Pages" to type my sentiment and SCAL to cut ABC. I added an apple brad.  I cleaned up and made a more friendly block svg from clker.com. Also entered it in Bugaboo "Back To School" challenge.
Size: A2
Inspiration Photo

Download: blocks ABC's   (svg)
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Football Season at our school means one thing....

       .......a lot of these around our school !!

Download:  crutches   (svg)

(I hope you enjoy, but hope you don't have to use...haha!!)


Beezy School Girl

      We continue with the "Back to School" theme for a while longer.  Our Team Leader at Scrappily Ever After challenges us and in return we help her challenge others to get the "mojo" flowing to create a card. I got my free little bee and stack of book digi's from Clker.com.  I will entered it into the Bugaboo School Challenge too.
         I offered the free bee hive svg many months ago; however, this is new and improved from the last.
Size: A2

Inspiration Card

Download: bee hive
I would love a comment if you love to download the svg.


Love to Read and Lock svg

       The OWH Sketch Challenge #30 gave us the template below to follow.  However, I also incorporated this card to be used in the Bugaboo Challenge with theme "Back To School" and having to use primary colors. I purchased Butterfly Bear from Bugaboo Stamps and the stack of books was free from Clker. com. Continuing with school...here is a freebie combination lock svg.  
Bugaboo Challenge: "Back to School" theme and primary colors....Size: A2:

OWH Challenge #30 template

Download:  combination lock  (svg)
I love comments like you love free svgs!


School Nurse

       I was a teacher for 33 years and trust me.....I heard them all and saw them all....the excuses to get out of taking a test!  Using my free megaphone svg offered today below and my purchased Bugaboo digi stamp (Nurse Margaret), here's one of many excuses "tried" by students. ( The card will be entered into the Bugaboo "Back To School" challenge using primary colors.)

Announcing!!!Let the School Year begin!!!

       My son just walked out the door to begin his 11th grade.  Just look at the JOY on his face....NOT!!! I think he had a pencil hanging out of his mouth...at least he is taking one!  (I couldn't get him to pose long enough to get the "red-eye" out.) 
       I always see this megaphone when I go to FB, so I thought I would go ahead and make an svg file for it.
First day of the 11th grade.

Download:  megaphone  (svg)

Have a great Monday and grab the svg if you like!!


Birthday Surprises!

       My husband celebrates his birthday tomorrow.  Very close friends drove up from Charleston to help celebrate the occasion.  To top it off, they brought shrimp that came straight off the trawler...doesn't get any fresher than that! We had a feast and fun!
       I designed the card, but I will warn you up front, I couldn't get the flower burst to come out right so don't write or fuss at me..haha  Hey, if you can make better, please do and send back to me...that would be wonderful.  The card would do better with 2-sided paper, but I just made do.  You also don't need the 2 flower burst..I just forgot to delete one.  I used a MS punch and fits into an A2 envelop, but tight.
The tag is silver foil, but looks gold.
Opened (inside)


Plant Seeds of Knowledge

       Continuing with the education theme this month, out team leader at Scrappily Ever After gave us the following "Picture Challenge".   I made a globe svg, used silver brads and copic markers. The lovely digi stamp is from Elizabeth Dulemba coloring pages.
Size: A2

Picture Challenge

Download: globe  (svg)