Bee hive

       Yup, that time of year.....bees are buzzing and pollinating and love (and pollen) are in the air.  My husband took a great pic of a passing bee (see last week's post).  I plan to use this svg with the picture.  I'm buzzing down to the beach for a few days so I will be posting svgs, but not my cards....think I will post a beach picture just for fun. If you would like the bee hive, then grab HERE and hope you enjoy!  Thank you so much for visiting my site.


Binder Clips

       Being a teacher and having that "teacher mentality" of keeping everything organized, I had quite the collection of sizes and colors of these clips. Set them on their flat side and you have place-card holders.  I have also put Mary's flowers on the top  to decorate the place-card clip holder.  My students of course were a little more original.  They displayed them on their ears, lips, eyebrows, hair, and nose...ouch and gross!! Anyway, it cost too much to put through the mail when embellishing a card, so I made paper ones in different colors and sizes to embellish cards.  If you think you could use little clips, help yourself.   Download HERE.


Alarm Clock

       There is always something that triggers me to do an svg file....this time it is my 16 year old son.  I haven't found the ultimate "alarm clock" to get his body up and moving in the morning.  My mom used the old "bang the pots and pans" and "cold washcloth on the face" trick on me.  It never failed!! (Make face white..I did it this color so it would show on svg file.)  Download HERE for alarm clock.


Which Marx Brother?

       My best friends went to a wedding a few years back and to my surprise EVERYONE put on these "mustache/glasses", turned around at one time to the surprise of the bride and groom and toasted the newlywed couple.  It was such a surprise out of no where and turned out to be a cute picture and a fun moment.  Anyway, started thinking about that and decided to put it in svg form.  If someone could use this...here it is.  (Isn't it funny how something like that will pop into your head for no reason?  Drives my husband crazy and nervous...makes him think about what other weird stuff I'm thinking about...LOL) ( I put gradient effects, but I would cut the same color pieces and outline top of nose with some white shadowing.) Download HERE for mustache and glasses file.


Baseball Nut - 1st Digi Stamp

       This is my first digi stamp...ok...it may be my last.  I can't begin to tell you the hours I spent on this little guy.  Obviously, I'm a amateur since no one would spend this much time on drawing, taking into Inkscape, tracing with bezier tool, etc. and then give away free.  He needs a hat, so I'm taking him back into Inkscape.  In the mean time, I was so proud of myself for this accomplishment, I had to share now.  I'm sure it will be fun to look back in a year to see how I have progress or given up.  I REALLY need to know the secrets of digi stamp creators. If you would like the digi stamp, email me and I will be happy to send. ( The baseball is from svgcuts.com Sports and the diamond plate was a freebie from them.)


Running Nut

       This is the last peanut for awhile.  I just can't get the scene the way I want it.  I'm going to try my hand at digi-stamping some of them.  I had fun with him anyway.  Hope you enjoyed looking.

Download HERE for "running nut".


Plant seeds of friendship

No svgs to offer, but have two svg sets to highly recommend.  I used rubber stamps, digi stamps, digi carts and copic markers.  There are SO MANY things you can do with sets from Svgcuts.com.  I used several files from the sets, Robin's Return set and Moonlight Garden Party set. I also used stamps from Rubber Stamp Tapestry and Clear Dollar Stamps. Lastly,  digi stamps from Trinia Clark and Friends.  


Spring Frame Card

My first try at a simple Spring card template.  The stamps are from Rubberstamptapestry.com ....check it out. Download HERE for template svg.  I've haven't perfected my new scanner technique.  This is a pretty purple frame....not as dark as in picture and it's hard to see the pearls and gold inking.  Oh well! Thanks for looking!


Beach Nut

        If you know me, then you know how I love the beach.  I should have made this little peanut's arms and legs GREEN.  I'm a gal from the South....and we Southerns love hot boiled green peanuts.  Boiled peanuts and "shrimp and grits" are a "MUST" for any true Southern wedding reception or any "good" party.  Download HERE for peanut sitting in chair, glasses, arms, and legs.  Download HERE for umbrella. Thanks for stopping by, taking a look and I hoped it made you smile!


I'm Nuts for Grapefruit

       Yup...I eat a grapefruit every morning.  I wish I lived in Florida because one grapefruit can cost me $1.50 sometimes. I had fun with the Sour Lemon svg from Svgcuts.com.  I used the  mosaic embossing folder on this peanut card.   I want to try my hand at making some digi stamps with the peanut. 
      The arms and legs should really be GREEN.  I guess I made him "dry roasted". Down here in the South, we like nothing better than a big bag of hot boiled green peanuts....yum yum.  I even have my northern relatives liking them which means, "I have to share now".  It is considered "a must" along with "shrimp and grits" at Southern weddings.  Download HERE for peanut and body parts.  Thanks for visiting my site.


Flowers are in bloom

       Just some nice pics my husband took the other day in front and backyard.  No cuts this morning...perhaps later today!


Lemon, Lime, Orange, Grapefruit svg

       Svgcuts.com offered a free svg called Sour Lemon.  I made a lemon, lime and orange card.  I will to a grapefruit card today. Using a public domain glass, I took it into Inkscape, added and cleaned up nodes and added some elements.  Download HERE for glass with straw and HERE for ice cube. (It is hard to see the glass micro beads used for the inside of lemon and lime.  I used Martha Stewart glitter on inside of orange and  copic markers on the small glasses. I cut them out in SCAL since I was doing about 6 of each...time saver.  It was hard to make paper look like glass per my little experience and same goes for an ice cube, but I gave it the old college try. (I incorporated a Penny Duncan leaf svg svg and the citrus stamp is from Stampin Up.)


Cleaning the Goldfish Pond

       Yup, it's that time of year....cleaning the goldfish pond.  Let's see....hummm...only 4 koi.  We did have 6.  Something had a little snack during the cold season.  Only thing left is to fight those golden oak noodles that drop and clog up the filter.  I had an old fish sponge stamp and jazzed it up a little in Inkscape.  This is dedicated to the remaining goldfish. Download HERE for goldfish.  


Charleston Summer Feelin'

        What is South Carolina's claim to fame?  I'll hit upon 2 today. The infamous "Palmetto Bugs".  They grow to the size of toasters.  (It's a glorified name for the biggest cockroach on the face of this earth since dinosaurs!) They aren't scared of the human species and they have WINGS. Turn your light on in the middle of the night and you will find one sitting on your night table staring at you. Not to worry, the house lizards usually keep the population under control.  Two: The Palmetto Tree and the hundred year old Live Oak trees with their cascades of beautiful Spanish Moss.  Ahh...spanish moss...beautiful....a beautiful fungus and covered in red bugs, chiggers that will bury themselves under your skin and drive you crazy.  So the next time you're driving through our fine state and you see some free spanish moss...keep on driving, straight to your nearest Michaels, AC Moore's or Hobby Lobby and BUY it! Download HERE for Palmetto bug and HERE for Live Oak with moss. The Palmetto Tree was my very first blog day and you can find it to the right in my svg file.


Shrimp and Luggage...What do they have in common?

       Don't know why I'm into question and answer games these past 2 days.  Back to question:  What do shrimp and luggage have in common?  The temperature tipped 90 today and I want to take a trip to the beach for some fresh shrimp.  There's nothing better than to be chillin' on the dock with a cooler of ice waiting for the Magwood trawlers puttering in with their first catch of the season. Ahhhhh yes, the smell of the marsh and the squawk of the pelicans and seagulls reminds me that I'm in my happy place. Was leaving today, but my back is out of whack and I can't handle the 3 hour trip....it will have to wait a few days.  In actuality, the "Blessing of the Fleet" is not until April 25, 2010 in Mt. Pleasant.  See ya there! 
       Download HERE for the shrimp and HERE for the luggage. (PS - this is what my luggage USE to look like until US Airways decided to redesign the front and KEEP my handles for themselves. Mercy me...what DID those people want with my handles?)


Dora Alligator Kayak...what do they have in common!

       They all are svgs that I made from public domain images and are free to download.  I scaled down Dora a lot so she wouldn't have so many pieces.  I tested her in SCAL2. Download HERE for "Dora the Explorer".   I did the alligator and kayak for forum friends on svgcuts forum. It's an awesome forum...you MUST check it out. Download HERE for the alligator and HERE for the kayak.
       I always make a card with my svgs as a visual aide, but these were done to help friends and at this time, I have no need to made a card.  I thought someone checking out my blog could use one so that's why I'm posting them.  Help yourself and I hope you enjoyed looking.