Tree Stump and Puppy Dog

       There is a lovely public domain clip art site that gives me ideas.  There's one particular person named "Tim"(never a last name), that puts a lot of free, public domain art on this site.  This is one of his pieces that I redesigned, added and subtracted and made into an svg.  What I would put above the tree stump is a sweet, little fluttering butterfly.  I plan to make a card and make the puppy sorta spotty and add a little grass. Of course the pieces could always be used separately for other things.

Hope you enjoy! I enjoy comments!


  1. I think this will be great and I could used them separately. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Too cute. Love the svgs. Thank you.

  3. Your files are the best! Thanks for sharing your talent with us. The dog is such a cutie!

  4. Fantastic, Cely! Love dogs - all dogs! I'll have to play with this one later this week, and I'll send you a copy of what I come up with!


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