Copic markers

       Still trying to learn how to use copic markers.  I'm really enjoying them, but still have so much I can learn.  This was a free digi stamp through "Stretch and Bubbles."  It was on Semsee's.blogspot and Crissy Armstrong was the illustrator.  It was something designed very special for Jayme, Lisa's sister.  I tried to leave the frog a little spotty to give it a frog effect.  No svgs, just some punches and embellishments.


Thanks...You're a Peach !

Thanks...You're a Peach!
The little comment is no more than a little slider element I made about 1 1/4 ". The white circle with comment was 3/4" Download HERE for circle slider.


Pick those Peaches (Part 3 of 4)

       As I mentioned previously, peach trees are squatty and not too tall, but tall enough that a ladder must be used to reach the ones on top.  With all my svgs, I can not believe that I didn't have a ladder nor could I find one in all my purchases of the wonderful sets at Svgcuts.com.  Oh well, here's one and I'll show you tomorrow how I used it.  Download HERE for ladder. Stay tuned tomorrow for the silly card I made.


Peach pickin' time (Part 2 of 4)

       Peach trees are generally only about 9 - 12 feet tall.  A late spring frost will wipe out the entire crop....but not this year...hooray!  The bees are free and yes, they sting! Download HERE for peach tree.


Peach pickin' time (Part 1 of 4)

       Peaches are my favorite fruit. Peach picking in the upstate starts in just 2 weeks.  Georgia is known as the "Peach State", but statistics show that South Carolina grows and produces more peaches than any other state.  You can buy peaches in the store, but it is RARE that it will taste like a peach just picked from the tree.  We actually have a water tower down the road shaped and colored like a peach. (Some say it looks like a person's "behind"). Today I'm posting a peach.  My leaf is more correct than ones found elsewhere. Download HERE for peach.  Stayed tuned tomorrow for Part 2.



I don't have cats, but I've always been intrigued by the Pink Panther and Garfield the Cat.  Both are copyrighted and trademarked so the svg can not be sold and is for personal use only.  Download HERE for the svg and HERE for the SCAL2 (scut) file.  (PS - I attempted to eliminate as many extra cuts as possible.)


Card Box Holder (with video)

Denise Hill at Paper Pastime needs to be crowned the "Queen of Box Templates".  Her tutorials are excellent.  I did four of the card boxes as gifts and all recipients loved them.  The boxes have really held up to wear and tear.  She has many wonderful svg and scut files free for the taking.  Unfortunately, I only took one picture out of the four different designs boxes I made....bummer!


Open Petal Flowers

       What!  More flowers!  There are sooooo any beautiful flowers out there in blog world.  However, when I want something quick and easy, I seem to always fall back on this little svg I made awhile back.  It won't hurt my feelings if you don't download....haha....just thought I would share my silly, little, useful, quick flower.   Download HERE for open petal flowers. Hope you had a great weekend!


Share an apple with a friend

       I'm into fruit and bugs lately...haha   I love the episode on the "Andy Griffith Show" when Andy trying to teach Opie the value of "sharing".  Opie thought the worm was entitled to some of the apple since it was important to share...needless to say he wasn't getting the point that Andy was trying to stress.  Download HERE for apple with worm.  Thanks for dropping by my blog.


It's an Uphill Battle...when the ants come marching in!

       I'm in Florida and can't show you my card, but I can offer the little ant critters to you.....'tis the season soon for them. Download HERE for the ants svg.


Japanese Little Girl (Part Two)

       Yesterday, I displayed the words "Forever Friends" in Japanese.  Today, I added a little Japanese girl to the card.  I chose to cut her out and added extra background and layers. I didn't show my final picture since I am away from home.  Download HERE for the little girl. Thanks for dropping by today and taking a look.


Japanese "Friends Forever" (Part One)

       This will be a two part card.  Today, I'm downloading the Japanese words "Friends Forever" AND I will show you how I also used the words as a template on a curved card template. Or, you could cut the letters and glue to  the front of a card.  There are lots of neat options.  Download HERE for words and HERE for words and curved card template.  Thanks for dropping by to take a peek and "stay tuned" tomorrow to see what I add to this.


Here Kitty Kitty Kitty !

       I have a best friend who LOVES cats but can't have them due to allergies...bummer! These are just quick, sweet silhouettes of 2 cats and a bone fish.  Thanks for dropping by my blog.  Download HERE for the kitties and fish.


Beer Mug Too!

      I did this beer mug last year, but never posted.  There are many that are quite similar, so here's another to add to your collection.  Thanks for dropping by to look.  (The foam is yellow so you can see the cut: it should be cut "white". Download HERE for beer mug and HERE for beer mug SCAL 2 (scut) file.


Citadel Bulldogs

       The Citadel.....the Military College of the South.  A very tight band of brothers.   A former, present  or future cadet would love something made with this...be it a card, an appliqué for shirt or wall or perhaps used in a shadowbox.  Thanks for dropping by and taking a peek.  PS  I worked very hard on this attempting to eliminate as many small cuts as possible.  I'm also including a SCAL file that   has cuts in groups.  Download HERE for bulldog svg and HERE for SCAL2 (scut) file. (Please remember that the Citadel bulldog is a "trademark" and is for personal use only and not for resale in any form.)


It's Strawberry Pickin' Time

       Love my strawberries and frozen ones in summer!  The crow "hit a nerve with me" because they always dine on my blueberry bushes before I get to pick them.  Those crows are always one step ahead of me....they are no different when it comes to my 5 pitiful strawberry plants either!  Download HERE for wire basket.  I will use the basket again for something entirely different so come back and visit.  My friend, clbecker from svgcuts.com forum, got me hooked on the cute "Peachy Keen Face Stamps"...they are super!  I also used Trina Clark and Friends.com digi stamps...super cute....super cheap!! Added a little copic markers and embellishments and I say complete!  Thank you for stopping by to take a peek.


I'm Beautiful!

       I made this svg this morning, and then made a card around it....probably did the process backwards, but that's me as usual.  It's hard to see pink jewels and glitter...maybe next time will put ribbon bow in hair. I used some shadowing and 2 copic markers.  She is suppose to be wearing a blouse and skirt, but she looks more like me when I was pregnant and trust me.....I was NOT beautiful!   Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  Download HERE for girlie froggie svg and HERE for SCAL 2 ...I separated in layers for you in SCAL2.


Back from the Beach!

        I had a great time at the beach in case someone was wondering why I hadn't posted anything in the last 4 days.  I was having too good of time.  Hot weather, mojitos, and frozen daiquiris are a great combo.... so I thought of a "blender".  My blender is heavy duty and I was wishing I had mine with me while at the beach along with my container of mint leaves....haha   Download HERE for blender.  And, I hope where ever you are, that the days are getting warm and sunny.


Nadina bush: leaves and branches

       There are scads of leaves and branches floating around the web, so add this to the bunch.  Why is this one any more special, you ask? It's not, it was just a personal triumph for me for being able to create an svg.  I still have so much to learn.  Again, my husband took a pic of our little nadina bush, so I thought with an svg, I would used them together on a card.  If you could use one more leaf and stem then " have at it"...haha   Download HERE (PS I suggest that you simply take a small hole bunch and bunch out the red berries and draw the stem attached to berries with a gel pen.)  Again, thank you for visiting my little blog.  I hope, at times, there's something that you can take with you that can add to your creations.