Pumpkin....(Part 1 of 2)

       It may seem early, but my son and I are working on cards for OWH (Operation Write Home).  Halloween and Fall cards will have to be shipped soon.  This is a 2 part series....today is part one and tomorrow is Part 2....it's a surprise, so you must come back tomorrow to get all the pieces....haha  The pumpkin svg looks a little boring, but with a little imagination, it can come alive.  I'm not one to go far "outside the box", but I'm trying!   (YUP...it's a shape card that opens so you can write your message.)

(Limited time posted...please see top right-column comment.)

Comments welcomed!!!


  1. You are right. Take a plain picture and fix it up and you have something pretty. Thank you for sharing your idea. I will be back tomorrow for 2nd part.

  2. Very nice! I love shaped cards, and have a hard time making them in SCAL so that they open up symmetrical. :(
    I'm sure I can come up with something with this one! :)

  3. Wonderful card... You are really outdoing yourself lately...

  4. OH I like this...different from the traditional. Thanks for the svg.

  5. Far from boring!!!....this is amazing!!! I love it....see ya' tomorrow.....thanks for creating and sharing!!! ;)

  6. signed up for mailings, never recieved any emails , trying to download pumkin and not able to, could you send to me?
    Thanks Linda


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