Tomato Dreams

.......If you follow my blog to any degree, you see I "dream" a lot.  My friend "Reet" just displayed a picture of her first crop of tomatoes on the Svgcuts.com forum.  Being from the South, we have already been blessed with our first crop.  I love fried green tomatoes!  And, if you are from the South, then you know what a "true" tomato sandwich is....white bread, tomatoes from the garden (not the store), Duke's mayonnaise, salt and pepper.  I didn't say it was healthy....I said it was Goooooooood! Don't forget to eat it while leaning over the kitchen sink, for the juice will be dripping down your arm even if you did try to wrap it in a napkin. (I made the wheelbarrow, tomatoes are from Veggie Garden Part I at Svgcuts.com, bear is from Bears Camp Out  at My Scrap Chick. Yup, it's a shape card that opens.  I did some inking, and used a button for the hub cap.

Download:  wheelbarrow svg
Download:  wheelbarrow SCAL 2
(Svg will be posted for limited time....please see comment on top right of blog.)

ENJOY!! ENJOY!! Go fix a sandwich!!


  1. Too cute!!! Love the expression on the bear! Thanks for sharing the cut file! :)

  2. OK.. so now I am hungry... thanks for making me crave tomatoes. they will definitely feature on my lunch today :-)
    the bear is adorable.

  3. I'm headed to make me a tomato sandwich and download the wheelbarrow and off to Svgcuts and My Scrap Chick. Love the card!

  4. I absolutley love this card... I am so glad I can finally comment on your blog....

  5. I don't like tomatoes but I like the card. It's pretty cool! Thank you for sharing.

  6. I just love your shape cards. Where will I find the time to make them all your ideas? (But don't slow down for me.)
    SparQuilling Ink

  7. What a cute little bear!! I love the vine of tomatoes!

  8. aweeeesome extraordinary talented, really I want to tell u again u r unique, this type of unique work I first see.


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