Product and homemade enamel dots

I had a request on how I made the enamel dots.  I watched several You Tube videos and decided which would be the best for me.  I didn't have parchment paper so I used a clear glass 9x12 pyrex glass baking dish.  (I'm sure a colored, opaque dish would be fine also.)  The opaque pony beads melted better and smoother than the clear ones.  The clear ones just took a few minutes longer.  Don't melt the two different kinds in the same dish together due to time difference.

Instructions for oven: Perler beads 275 (°F) 135 (°C) 30-35 mins. Pony beads: 425 (°F) 218 (°C) 8-10 mins. Keep an eye on them. When melting the Pony beads, turn on oven fan & open windows.  Click HERE for a video that I liked.
I have white paper under my clear pyrex dish so you can see the beads better.

Here is my new stamp gadget that I love love love and it has saved so many stamp sentiments not being messed up.  Yes, a splurge in price but I haven't regretted it one bit.  Gosh, this thing is awesome.  I had the "thing a ma jig" that everyone else has to help place the sentiment, but this is so much easier, quicker and literally fail proof.  If I'm doing a bunch of the same card it is definitely worth it for the time.  Click HERE for a video.


Off to the movies....

.... just a silly card to send my brother.  My son and I took Steve several times to the movies while visiting him in Denver, Colorado.  It's one thing he enjoys and getting out of the house.  I learned how to manipulate the handicapped conversion van so we were ready to "rock and roll" and have some outside fun time.

The grass is the only die.  I dared not try to incorporate the Colorado Rocky Mountains in the background.  The doggie is named Mimi.

A2, Lia didn't have a good hair day and wouldn't send me a pic to include her so this is how I got around her not being in the pic...haha  Mimi, Steve, Mitchell coming out of sunroof and me in front seat.


You're my favorite...

....ok...everyone is my favorite at the moment, at least my siblings won't be offended...they're cool!

Just got this "sweet" gumball die from Simon Says Stamp.  Put some homemade enamel dots in it along with some sequins.

Just a quick, happy, fun card to send my brother.

A2 size, don't know what that crazy reflection is..oops

also used acetate sheet and thick mounting tape



...my DIL a Happy Birthday!  A quick card using a new die "wishing" from Simon Says Stamp.

Other news:  I'm stepping down from the Doodle Pantry design team.  I have had an awesome time with a wonderful team and creating for an awesome artist, Laurie.  I will be spending extra time with family members over the next 9 months.

Now in my craft room and creating when time and the mood strikes.  I will enjoy getting back into visiting blogs....so much inspiration and cyber friendships to enjoy.

A2, balloon dies from Lil Inker, pop ups for dimension, glitter pen on star areas


A cherished trip.....

My trip to Denver (along with my youngest son), was heart wrenching,  heartfelt, and beautiful all at the same time.  My brother has a rapid demise of ALS.  He has a great, loving, supportive wife, a super sense of humor and keeping a positive attitude of what life has thrown him.  My son and I learned how to care for him and we shared some wonderful moments.

Someone, I think Evelyn or Brenda  (cyber-friends) told me things I could do for him to entertain him.  I bought him a digital photo frame and put pictures on it from our childhood till present.  I took pictures of his favorite places he liked to visit growing up here in South Carolina. ( I put a caption for each pic so people wouldn't have to ask him since his speaking is now quite limited to a whisper.  He was overwhelmed with happiness.  I have encouraged his friends to send pictures to his wife so she can add pictures of other great life moments.

I fed him some of his favorite things from home that he couldn't get in Denver.  Yup, I dragged fresh peaches and my garden tomatoes through the airports just for him...also a 3 lb. bag of white grits and yellow grits. ( There were a few peach casualties). I made him peach cobbler, yummy tomato sandwiches (with Duke's mayo and white bread).  He ate grits and eggs every morning and top it off with fresh sliced peaches.

My son had "those special moments" with his uncle that he will never forget and will always cherish.  Mitchell was so much help and Steve appreciated "man time" with a fellow lover of sports and just being with his nephew.  Steve said Mitchell did better massages than me..haha  Mitchell's already trying to plan when he can go for another visit, but airplane flights and rental cars are expensive and he is entering a very hard senior year at college with a special major in chemistry.  We will work hard to make the trip happen.  Time is not on our side so we will make the trip during his upcoming winter college break.

Steve and me

Steve and Mitchell...don't they look dapper in their new shirts