UPDATE on Pumpkin (Part 1 of 2)

       Someone brought to my attention that I had too many pieces in the pumpkin.  Actually, it only had 3 pieces.  ( I took it into SCAL and did an "outline" of the pumpkin. In my photos, the bat, Halloween and flower paper is just "one" piece by doing an "outline".) I could had done one of 3 things.  First, welded a tiny piece between the 5 pieces between the veins. Two: offered a SCAL file where I simply did an "outline" of the pumpkin and only had one piece.  I don't always offer a SCAL file because it's a little extra time and some people have MTC program and can't use the file.  I assumed crafters would take the pumpkin into SCAL or MTC and do what they needed to do to help them. ( Now it comes back to me what my old college professor said about the word "assume"!!) Everyone has their own way of processing a card...that's what's so cool about all these wonderful blogs...getting and sharing ideas and hints and making suggestions.  Or three: I'll try to remember in the future to offer less pieces in the Inkscape (svg) format. I could have used a "path/difference"  so you wouldn't have had to know that going into SCAL or MTC.  Inkscape is still a learning process for me also.  I always try to  minimize the number of pieces that must be cut.  Again, I try to cut and make a card before offering it to others.  If I think it's too much trouble, why would anyone else want to do it....haha
SCAL screen shot:  ( I did an extra black piece "outline" of the pumpkin on left for the back of card.) Gosh, I hope this helps and clears somethings up.)


  1. I love your pumpkin, Cely! If there was only one piece to cut, the detail would be lacking on the finished card!
    I forget what person said this, but, "Detail is the difference between good and great!" (err....or something like that!) lol!

  2. Hi Cely,

    your pumpkin is just gorgeous, I have a little witch from peachy keen who's gonna look adorable with it. Thanks for sharing this, when my card is finished I'm gonna link back to your blog ;-)




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