Frog ...Waaaassss uuuuppp!

...that's right.  I see his little tongue stretching out to catch a little snack. Wouldn't a fly, dragonfly, or ladybug on his tongue look cute...or maybe a word?  Remember the term "Wasssss uuuUPPPPP" was being use by everyone about 3 years ago and the "up" was exaggerated? 

Download:  frogs and tongues


SC Palmetto and Smiles

       I have two svgs to post today. The South Carolina emblem and "Smile" word cut 3 different ways.

(No Expiration)
Download: Smiles


Her name was Milly.....

 ........... and she was a small mini daschund...only 3 years old and full of personality. Even living in the city, there are coyotes.  In a blink of an eye, she was gone. 

Download:  Mini Daschund
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Sunday cards and a small svg

       I started last Sunday dedicating the day for extra cards that I've made throughout the week.  Oops, I forgot to take a picture of a few before I mailed. This week includes Svgcuts.comMy Scrap ChickClear Dollar Stamp, HatleyNature.com ....and my little svg for today.
Hatleynature.com - note pad someone gave me last year

MyScrapChick.com - Flower Card

Svgcuts.com - Cliff's Clubhouse Collection

Svgcuts.com - Cliff's Clubhouse Collection

Svgcuts.com - Flitting Fairies Collection
(inspired by clbecker)

ClearDollarStamps.com - Charlie Horse

My svg for Ray's Corona Beer

(No expiration)


Gumball Machine

      Actually, I have M&M's inside of mine.  I think everybody at one time has had a gumball machine in their house.  I think it reverts back to fond memories of childhood....nothing wrong with that!   I had fun making this....I hope you have fun creating with it! Comments Enjoyed!

Download :  gumball machine svg


Hang'em to dry!

       I've been so busy making svgs, I haven't made many cards myself. So,  I'm posting the clothes pins and then I'm going to go make me a card and have some fun.  ( For you younger generation people, it's not those cute plastic ones put on cards...clothes pin were big and wood and brown and used to hang clothes out to dry to get that fresh air smell...not really....some of us just couldn't afford a dryer and for some of us, dryers weren't invented yet...haha)

Download: Clothes Pins
Comments are enjoyed and welcomed.


4th of July firecracker

       I enjoyed my Peachy Keen stamp firecracker so much, I thought I would make my own interpretation "svg" to share with friends.  Enjoy...but be careful...pow!

Download:  Firecracker
(SVG will be available for one week...after that, leave comment, and email me and I will send..email is under my profile and I will send...ENJOY!)

PS Earlier today the card was dedicated to my brother.  What I did not mention was that it was a Svgcuts.com card from the set called Cliff's Clubhouse. A forum friend "Becker" inspired me with her version.


       Yes, many of you are expecting an svg this morning, but it will be after 5:00 today.  You see,  today is a special day....it's my brother Ray's birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY!!!!!.  We are sorry that we can't be with you in person to help you celebrate, but we are with you in mind and spirit.

The card will be there when you return from Switzerland.  We hope you are enjoying your MP3 speaker wires, and your bags of trail mix.   Well, we hope the latter is gone because it might be yucky by now...haha


Bath Tub and bubbles

       I love these old claw leg bath tubs.....wish I had one.  And YES....I have seen them outside with all sorts of things in them.....children, flowers, ducks and used as a water trough for cows...haha

The tub svg was my creation.  The bird is from My Scrap Chick, and the sign is a digi stamp from Digi Scrap Kits (Trina Clark and Friends)

The birdbath came from Svgcuts.com set called "My Happy Garden Hideaway" collection and the tree stem from "Harvest Hill Farm" collection.
Download:  Bath tub on legs Cely
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Scalloped Small Envelop

       I use this little envelop for so many things.  Below is just one example.  You could remove the circle and fold the top flap over to make a tiny closed envelop.  You can remove the dashes before cutting...they are just to guide where the folds should be...sometimes a little cut helps. The fold does NOT go around to the back, but rather folded in and glued to the inside. ( The second pic is how it would look in SCAL 2, but can be cut with any machine since it is an svg.)  The dimensions are 2.60 x 4.60, but they grew in Scal 2 to 2.62 x 4.65 and both work fine. (This was like my old sizzlit that died on me a while back, plus I couldn't resize when I wanted to, so this was the next best solution.)

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I'm Hooked....

 ....on card making and buying svgs and stamps from some of my favorite places!
DOWNLOAD:  Fishing rod, hook and worm ...upon comment being left..thanks so much!

(The fishing line is simply for looks. On my card, I would use some type of string or embroidery thread.)
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     I wanted to start designating Sundays to displaying cards that I have made using svgs other than my own.  Today's cards were made using Svgcuts.com set called Breezy Backyard lever Cards Collection and the fire cracker from Peachy Keen Stamps.  I made the stars for the 4th of July card. If you haven't checked these sites out, you're missing out on some awesome svgs and adorable face stamps.


Artist Palette

       I toured 10 private-college campuses across my state of SC this past week with 55 other teachers and guidance counselors.  Since art was one of my majors, it brought back fond memories.  I would LOVE to go back now that computers, Mac's and graphic arts are on the scene.  I was born 30 years too early...haha  Art studios haven't changed too much....same smell, same mess, same palette!  Thank you for dropping by my little blog.  Comments are most welcomed!

Download: artist palette

(No expiration)


I'm a Little "Teapot"

....short and stout.   I love teapots.  You will also find some adorable ones at Svgcuts.com.  ( This week,  I am away on a  private college tour trip within my state so I'm away from my cards, but I can offer some free svgs during the week.)

Download:  swirly teapot



       I load wagons up with all sorts of things for a cute, quick card.  Maybe you can also find a good use for them as well.  Enjoy!

Download:  wagons


Bamboo tree for wild critters

       Still trying to offer little fun backgrounds for the cuddly animals from Svgcuts.com.  I think this is it for a while, but it was fun.  I see the panda bear with the bamboo tree.  My friend didn't like the tree.  What do you think?  I can re-work it if needed.  With a little shading, I think it looks like bamboo...oh well!


I'm a Swinger !

.......and I'm a swinging' in the trees!  Another background element for the critters from Svgcuts.com.  I see the monkey and the baboon swingin' from this tire.  I think I would also add a tree element for the tire to hang.  I have 2 tree svgs...look in the left column of my blog.  Enjoy!  Would love your comments!

Download:  tire swing


It's a "Jungle" out there !

       Lots of little wild animals from Svgcuts.com Cuddly Animals and Cuddly Animals II sets.  This little jungle tree just might come in handy for a little extra back drop.  I am also showing a pic of what it should look like when you break it apart in SCAL.  Since it is an svg, you can take it into ANY program that cuts svgs.  ENJOY!  I love comments.

Download:  Jungle Tree



       The swing was made for a few of the critters from  www.svgcuts.com  Mary, the artist and creator, has two sets of critters, Cuddly Animals and Cuddly Animals Part II.  If you stop by the svgcuts.com forum, you will find some other cute elements like an igloo and a tree stump that would go nicely with some of these cute animals.   (This would look cute hanging from a tree limb.)

Download:  swing


Dreamin' Frog - Digi Stamp

       Here is what I promised for those who would rather color than cut.....the digi stamp of the frog I made yesterday.  I used copic markers, altered grass svg in My Happy Garden Hideaway Collection by svgcuts.com, my cattails svg, shadowing and some embellishments.

Download: Sleeping Frog on Lily Pad digi stamp
Download: Sleeping Frog digi stamp
Download: Lily Pad digi stamp

Since these are saved as .pngs, you can take the pieces into "Pages" if you have a Mac, or "Word" if you have a PC, and be able to size and placed them how ever you want.

Comments welcomed.  Have a super weekend!


Do Not Disturb the frog...

....... Chocolate Fantasy in Progress!!!!  The base is a 5" circle card that opens.  All the svgs are under one svg.... frog, lily pad, and cattails.   I also have them in groups in SCAL 2. Comments so welcomed.

Download: Frog svg (set)
Download: Frog Fantasy (SCAL 2)
Download: Cattails svg

UPDATE:  Here is my card I made from Monday's Hammock Set.  (I did the frog again and had him laying in the hammock.)


Flower 3-D Pop-Up Card Template

       Someone was wanting a 3-D pop-up petal flower card, so here is my version.  It follows the same concept as the butterflies yesterday.  It makes a beautiful little 3-D pop-up flower petal card.  Hope you can use and enjoy.  Comments are most welcomed.

Download Flower petal pop-up card Cely


Butterflies Are Free

.......and so are these.   So many wonderful card templates out there in the web world that I had to design one myself.  I like a card that doesn't take too long from start to finish and where I can make 4 or 5 for later use.  If one card takes me an hour, I generally will never do it again and don't want to give it away .....sounds awful of me, doesn't it!  Anyway, that's what I have in the back of my mind when I make these templates and svgs for you and me.  
      COMMENTS are most welcomed.

This is a 3-D or some would say a pop-up butterfly template card.  The butterflies stay attached to the paper.  The extra 3 butterflies separate so you can place on top of the paper to give it a "special effect" as  I have done to my cards.