Stress wouldn't be so hard to take....

       ".....if only it was chocolate covered."  I also changed it up to say, "Another birthday could be easier to handle...if only it was covered in chocolate."  (These open up.) This was a purchase from My Scrap Chick called Ice Cream Bar.  They have had some super sales.

I usually post an svg and then display how it can be used in a card.  It really helps some people take a plain looking svg and then see how it can be turned into something fun and interesting in a card. But, I'm traveling today and will not be home till Friday.  Off to the beach I go!!!!  Yippee    I will post svgs still, but no cards.

I had big plans for this "Scales of Justice", but can't do a card while I'm away!
(No Expiration)

Download:  Scales of Justice



  1. I have to check out that ice cream. Very Cute. Thanks for the svg

  2. Love the scales, Cely! Glad to hear you are headed to the beach! "Yay!" for you!!!! :)
    Can't wait to see what you do with these scales on a card! Have a great time away!

  3. Lucky, lucky you...going to the beach. That's my favorite place to be. Have a great time... Scrappygirl's gotta go find some ice cream, now!


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