Kitchen Diaster

I plan to show "before and after" pics of the project by end of week if I have the strenght to crawl to the computer.  I'll be swinging the pneumatic hammer this morning and for the next 3 days...if I'm lucky that's all.   This really wasn't a project but a disaster that occurred in our kitchen from a leak in the ice maker pipe that we didn't know we had. Now you see why I've had trouble posting cards and svgs lately.

So far, no granite has broken !


Life is a balancing act! + freebie

PAPER CUPCAKES is having a challenge and offered this adorable "ant with cupcakes" image. My DH thought of the sentiment.  We have a lot of projects going on at our house right now and I guess this is what came to mind....haha  (UPDATE:  I missed the deadline which was 1200 midnight...so sad!)
Size: A2
Card: 3D Birthday Cards (Svgcuts.com)
Cupcake punch (bottom): EK
MS Punch
Cherries: $1 punch
rhinestones, glitter, copic markers
My svg freebie for today is a rake.  Someone was asking for one, so I thought, make one myself to help others.  However, Svgcuts.com has Autumn Elements collection for just a few dollars and they have a lot of other wonderful elements you can use in this collection for anytime during the year.
Download:  rake   (svg)
Hope you don't get blisters from this when raking the leaves...haha!


Fall Harvest

My friend, Deloris, told me about  Fantabulouscricut.  The criteria for challenge is to use my Cricut Expression.  You don't have to use a cartridge and I can use my own svgs or bought svgs. I made a shutter card. Therefore, I took two pictures. ( I'll try to post a svg later today...but we are trying to fix the hole in the kitchen...so I'm a little busy today.)  This is also for the challenge at Creative Card Crew, the Let's See Some Dimension challenge and Meljen's Design challenge.

Size: A2
Scarecrow: My Scrap Chick
Half tree: mine
Rake Svgcuts. - Autumn Elements Collection
Vines: Svgcuts. - Heirloom Pumpkin Flourishes Collection
Leaves: punch
Apples: mine
Red buttons


3D Bugaboo Bobblehead Card + Freebie

I so love the Bugaboo Stamps and their DT crew are awesome.  I was given the opportunity to created a 3D card with this little bobblehead witch Bugaboo image for their 3D Challenge.  And, this is for the Let's See Some Dimension challenge. With this type card, one picture doesn't allow you to see everything. I also add freebie ghost from Svgcuts.com, but I had to change into a png from an svg.  I also used the Breeze Backyard Lever collection from Svgcuts as well as the 2 pumpkins.  The spiderweb is from Heather M. and the spider and torch are my svg creations.
Size: A2

Download:  Hanukkah Dove  (SVG)


Bugaboo Reindeer Christmas + freebie

.....still working on the hole in the kitchen and now have the "granddogs" for the weekend.  I haven't told the story yet about the kitchen, but I'm taking pictures.  I finished this card for the Delightful Challenges and Bugaboo Challenge , and CDAC Challenge using 2 of their bugaboo cute reindeer images. With the type of card I made, it's hard to see all the sides in just one snapshot. 
       The freebie is the Star of David, but then I realized "after" doing it, there are a zillion already out there in cyber space....oh well! (working on a Hello Kitty for my friend)

Size: A2

Download: Star of David   (svg)


Moose Kinda Hanukkah

I have a HUGE hole in middle of my kitchen floor and that's a story for tomorrow.... today....

I was working on a dreidel card and switched gears when I saw this moose.  As a child, I had a big nose and a nickname given to me by some mean little boys was "Moose".  Yup...upon high school graduation where girls were given a graduation present of going to Europe, I opted to have nose surgery with my money.  Since that time, I've had my nose broken 4 times and have had 3 nose surgeries.  Guess I should had gone to Europe!  I want to invent a nose guard to protect me and other people who have problems of getting their nose broke on a regular basis!  Any whoooow, I think "this little moose" is adorable!! Maybe I was tired, but I thought this was really silly and fun so I decided I must make this card for the OWH challenge and Delightful Inspirations challenge. My daddy being Baptist and my mom being Catholic, I had to get my Jewish neighbors to make sure I had the right number of candles (menorah)...haha
        I wish I had the skills to be speedy because this took me several hours to make into an svg. I then had to decide how I would design the card.  I made it an easel card and loved the way it turned out.  I hope you like it too.  The svg will only be available for 3 days.

Size: A2,  Fiskar punch, oval wiggly eyes, SCAL2, embossing folder, glitter on candles

Download: moose  (svg)


2 freebies: Dreidel words + gelt

I'll be posting a card tomorrow or maybe later this evening.  I have been working on a 3D card for Bugaboo for Saturday, but had to send it in early for approval.  I get to be a featured card maker since I was their "September's Biggest Fan".  My cyber friend Cheryl says I may be their biggest "stalker" ...haha...that's probably true too.  As promised,  svgs, the words that are on the dreidel and gelt (chocolate money) what the children use in playing the dreidel game. ( There's usually embossing on the gold coins.)

Download: Dreidel words   (svg)
Download: gelt      (svg)



Quick post....I didn't get my card finished in time, but I really wanted to post a freebie today.  Several challenges to help OWH have mentioned making Christmas cards, so I thought I would cover the Hanukah sector.  I will post several things regarding Hanukah in next 3 days.

Download:  driedel   (svg)


Scaredy Cat - 2 Challenges - Freebie

First, thank you for all the wonderful well wishes notes.  All that out pouring of "get well soon" was a good dose of tasty medicine. Not quite back up to par, but I'm getting there.

The "scaredy cat" image was a freebie from  Delightful Inspirations since I participated in last weeks challenge and it's for their challenge this week.  It's also for Designed 2 Delight  OWH (Double Delight) Challenge.  Some restrictions are: keep an A2 size, no glitter, and use the image for Delightful Inspirations.  I added the scarecrow and  pumpkin patch images from Trina Clark.  I sewed, used copic markers and added brads.  I will add my sentiment on the inside. (I attempted to make the clouds look cloudy and creepy.)

The "love you" in sign language I have had quite a while.  Amanda (Lady Wolf) had it also and I helped her by clean it up when she was first learning Inkscape.  She is a PRO now....drop by her blog for some great svgs.  Well, I cleaned this up a little more to my liking last night.  I had 2 deaf and 2 blind students in my last few years of teaching high school....all wonderful students.


Cheese please!

       Still a little worse for wear and feeling PRETTY bad....pretty sure it's a sinus infection....off to the doctor tomorrow...I dislike taking any type of meds.
       I made this trying to get my mine off of me...haha  I took this clker.com image and cleaned up to make into a usable svg.
Download:  cheese  (svg)

Challenge Winners

Thank you all for participating and making my first challenge such a success.  The downside is I can't give prizes to everyone that participated.  I rarely ever get a prize for the challenges I participate in, and it's always a little disappointing, but I continue to participate because I enjoy making cards and sharing my ideas.  I hope, at least, my free svgs I post are some how little presents.

I totally understand how Mary and Leo feel when they have to judge cards and I wasn't even judging.  It's my challenge so I can add and change rules.  I decided after the judge and random drawing for the 2 big prizes, that I would do three more random drawings for 3 smaller prizes , but in my book, they are wonderful prizes too.  The 3 extra random people drawn can pick a $1 svg from MyScrapChick and I will pay for it.  So here are all the winners and ones that were luckily enough to be drawn in the second random drawings.

Judged:  Deloris #6

Random: Cheryl  #5

Second series of random drawings:  #16 (Kathy), #17 (Christil) and # 11 ( Staci )

Deloris and Cheryl need to go to SVGcuts.com and choose there set and email me their choice.  Kathy, Christil, and Staci need to choose a $1 svg from My Scrap Chick.com and email me their choice.  You will have two days or prizes will be re-awarded.


Sick...taking the day off!

Taking a break today...sick....have a wonderful weekend!


Dreamin' of Pumpkin Pie and Door Hanger

Teaching school today...my blog is on auto pilot. I hope this post!

The card is for the Bugaboo Stitch and Fall Challenge and Pollycraft Challenge.  I used my Bugaboo dreamy bear image laying on top a pumpkin image by Trina Clark.  I continued with the stitching theme, added buttons and used copic markers.  I'm starting to like the sewing idea!
Size: A2
The door hanger is sorta a challenge from a DT member Paul at Bugaboo.  Click HERE for his blog candy and check his ghost link in my right column.  He's in Crete right now on a marvelous vacation.  I had a little trouble with the oval hole fitting on my door knobs.  Maybe they just make them bigger down here in the South!  I plan to make 2 more to take to school tomorrow. I'll make circles rather than ovals.  You are suppose to put a candy bar in the slot, but I only had "King Size"... haha, so I included an instant tea mix packet as a treat.
(Instructions on Paul's blog)
SVG CHALLENGE continues through Friday at 11:00 pm
Would love to see some more creations posted by you!
Click HERE!


Thank You Sew Much... Sledge Hammer... + freebie

Click HERE

 My easel card is for the Bugaboo and Delightful Inspirations challenges.  The bear image is from Delightful Inspirations.  I used a Trina Clark flowers and pumpkin image.  I used watercolor pencils and copic markers, along with some glitter pens.  I did a lot of sewing and added buttons. Will add sentiment later....perhaps "Thank You Sew Much!
       Some people questioned my sanity and if I really used a sledge hammer.  Yup, you just wouldn't believe the big brads and how impossible they were to press.  The hammer gave me instant results. I also have a large rubber mallet for stained glass, but that didn't work.  I now keep the sledge hammer under my work desk and if my husband needs it, well, he can come and get it.
Size: A2 Easel card
My newest craft tool:  sledge hammer
As I sat outside in my lawn chair under the shade tree, drinking my Carolina Sweet Tea, and watching my dear husband sweat and mow the grass, I pondered as to what svg I should create.  My main purpose to being outside of course, was to provide my DH a cold glass of water, and tell him what a wonderful job he was doing, but the bugs were bothering me, so I headed inside.  The next things I saw flying were bad words, not grass....for the lawn mower pooped out!  Ahhh...let's make a lawn mower svg!  All of this is true, except I mow the grass whenever possible since I'm now retired and perhaps it's helping me burn a few calories.
Download: lawn mower   (svg)

Sew...who cares!

I care...extending the challenge through Friday evening...that would almost make it 2 weeks which is the average time for most challenges.  Remember, I'm new at this!  Post your challenge card HERE !

Sew... the Bugaboo sew and Fall challenge continues.  I have one more to post tonight and one more tomorrow. My scraplifting came from the DT Cammy at Bugaboo. The image was a freebie 2 weeks ago...isn't she a hoot! I'm doing several of her.  I haven't decided on all the sentiments, sew below is a list I will choose from.  Maybe you can think of another....if sew....send my way....haha

I'll post a freebie svg later tonight with my second card.


Cleaning out the cobwebs + Freebie

My challenge is HERE...post your card and see all the other great entries!

Bugaboo challenge is still going on.  I continue to stitch...yup...paper to paper, just like sewing clothes...no different.  My inspiration and total scraplifting came from Cammy at Bugaboo. Again, I used my husband's sledge hammer on these thick brads, copic markers, some glitter and my flower is too big, but it's not coming off..haha (Image: Calendar JJ from Bugaboo stamps)

Easel A2 card...colors are a more richer brown...will add sentiment later
Sentiment I will probably use when ready to mail.

I've had this little Hershey's Kiss man for a long time...thought I would do a svg file on him.

I would not cut all the pieces to eyes...use wiggly gooley eyes or use white marker for dots of eyes, put you own sentiment and use marker to make shoe laces.
Download: Hershey Kiss man   (svg)


Bugaboo bear thinking about Fall

Help make the SVG Challenge a success....post your card HERE
(Such wonderful cards posted already...go check out!)
(Posted a "raindrop" svg earlier today.)

Bugaboo  is having a A Stitch in Time Challenge (stitching and Fall colors). Sew....I dusted off my old reliable sewing machine and went to work.  I made 4 different cards and will post one each day. I used  Bugaboo bear and Trina Clark images, stitched the frame, banged some small grommets in, added some buttons, and used copic and glitter markers. This is also a OWH Challenge for today.
Size: A2


       SVG Challenge still has a few more days...HERE
(It makes my heart fill good to see fellow crafters participate.)

We haven't had rain in over 2 weeks. The grass and trees were screaming for water!  Hooray, the rain came, along with some cooler weather.  Good curling up with a good book or movie type of weather.  After taking a much needed nap, I made this raindrop, but the actual image came from cartoon critters on the web.  I cleaned up and changed into an svg. Thought he could come in handy....hurricane season here is not quite over!
Download:  raindrop   (svg)


Live with Passion

Remember:  The challenge is still going on HERE!!!

I started out as a card maker and many of you started out as scrapbook makers or card makers like me and evolved into using svg files like me.  My roots are still with card making, but many svg card makers ask me if you can really get much use out of one stamp.  I ask the same question with an svg. I am revisiting this Stampin' Up stamp and bringing back different cards I created using the same stamp.  The first card I made today.  In conclusion....I LOVE BOTH!!!!
Today's card ( I saw someone's card using this same stamp and technique and loved it...I'm so sorry I can't find who it was that gave me this inspiration.  If you know, let me know to give loving credit!) I had real hard time getting color in picture...it's a deep rich brown, not washed out like in the pic.

Close up using extra cut of flower tops and pop-ups

(Same stamp) left: silhouette     right: Fall look

(Same stamp)  Spring look  (I omitted sentiment until ready to use..that's why it looks so bare on top.)  Little blurred...sorry!

I think it's pretty cool how you can get so many different effects from one stamp.  So to answer the question:  Yes,  especially with flowers, trees, stems, etc. possibilities are endless.  And, I'm not even that creative.


SVG Challenge

       Please consider participating in the svg challenge HERE.  I enjoy making svgs and would love to see more of what fellow crafters do with them.  Some good friends and followers have already posted...take a peak at what they have created.  You are making cards almost everyday, so why not post one HERE and have a chance to win a free collection on your choice from Svgcuts.com!  The rules are quite simple.  If you don't have a blog, send the picture to me (email is under my profile) and I'll post for you or you can post in photo bucket and link from there. Please help me make this challenge a success!
Happy Friday!  I'll post an svg and card later today!


Challenge at Delightful Inspiration

Delightful Inspiration and Meljen's (Fab N Funky) are having a challenge and I'm using this very pretty oak leaf wreath free digi. I used my card lattice svg and vines from Svgcuts Heirloom Pumpkin Flourishes set. Copic markers and extra cut out of some leafs for dimension were used.  I needed this card in a hurry...sometimes I do my best with "hurry"...haha.
Size: A2  It's not bright green...it's actually dark but had to take pic inside

I need a HUG ... I need a PUG

       Please join in on my svg challenge.....with 118 followers and all the downloads I've monitored ....there's a lot of creativity going on! Check out the fun cards that have been posted. Click HERE

A young lady (perhaps my future DIL) gave me a note on a pad with this picture.  She has a pug dog.  Well, she loves this note pad so I make this card for her.  (Remember: the svg is for personal use only and not for resale.)  I took my dog bone svg and distorted to look like a dog mat. The face has pop-ups for dimension.

Download: Pup with hugs  (svg)

My 2 dogs went to the groomers for first time.  I've been cutting them and I must admit they were starting to look simply pitiful.  They are still "backyard" dogs, not "foo foo" as they look here. The bow and ascot were destroyed by the end of the day.