Mandel Bread covers

I have the cutest little older couple that lives next door.  They are Jewish and are having a special event at their synagog next Sunday.  She baked some wonderful Mandel Bread which is like biscotti, but better! I asked her if I could "jazz up" the presentation by adding a little cover for each bag.  She agreed.  I stayed in keeping with blue and white as she requested.  I told her "I work for food".  She's a great cook.  She's the one that made me a Bavarian Chocolate Roll to die for!!!  She was born in Czechoslovakia and he in Germany during the Holocaust time.  Their parents were able to get the "children out".  The stories are amazing to listen too.  Anyhooooo..here are the covers for the bread bags.

New illustrator......emails.....My Opinion on Provo Craft

I will post a project later this morning, but I have a few things to share with you.

I have discovered a very talented person when I was surfing for a particular image.  His name is Andy Bauer.  His blog is Art by Andy Bauer (blog) or Art By Andy Bauer.  Andy's freebie download is HERE.  Andy is a freelance digital artist as well as a Flash animator.  He specializes in cartoon-style vector illustrations ideal for print. He's not familiar with our card world, ladies and gentleman.  Can you believe it!  He has so many cool images.  He's new to giving freebies so be patient with this nice newbie.  Below are two images you may like to have.  Please drop by his blog, maybe pick up an image, and leave a "hello" comment.

2nd -  I have followers who leave questions and nice comments, but I have no way of contacting them if they follow under "hide".  If you have chosen that option and you have a question, you need to write me using my email (found under my profile) instead of leaving a question in the "comment box".  I hate it when I can't answer someone's questions because I don't have their email.  I start thinking that "they" think I am rude for not responding....haha   I'll move my email to the front page on left sidebar.

3rd - My 2 cents regarding Provo Craft.   I'm amazed and disappointed that some people think that if we have SCAL that we can steal cartridge images....not true, no no no no no.  How many people buy a Verizon or ATT cell phone only to have to replace the power cord or car charger cord at some point?  99% of people generally replace it with a cheaper brand, NOT the Verizon or ATT brand, but these companies tell you too use theirs for the best service. However, they don't disconnect you if you don't.  They are still glad you are using their services and product.  How many of you Provo Craft Cricut users have HP printers?  Do you always use HP paper?  HP says their ink and paper is the best match for their printer, but they know they are "blowing in the wind" if they dictate for us to use only their stuff. HP knows that they are happy selling the machine and sometimes their ink and paper.   PC should be happy that I sometimes buy their cartridges and I HAVE to buy their pads and blades.  I have sent them 5 polite, politically correct letters explaining my disappointment.  Not one letter of response.  I have written 3 different companies this week regarding their product.  I want you to know I heard back from them within the day.  I wrote a polite, complaint and concern a while back to 3M (Scotch) about their quick dry glue.  PRETTY BIG COMPANY!  I heard back from them that day, and they sent me a new bottle to try.  I wasn't even asking for a bottle.  THAT'S good business and customer service.  NOTHING from Provo Craft and they are NOT bigger than 3M.  I will not be replacing my Cricut Expression with another from PC when it dies.  First time cutting machine customers have asked me which machine to buy.....I do not recommend Provo Craft machines.  I'm small potatoes compare to some bloggers, but many of the BIG following bloggers feel the same way and we support each other. I even told Provo Craft I have loved my Expression since the day I bought it, but when it's gone, it's gone and I will not replace it with any of their machines if they continue with the lawsuit.  Provo Craft has forced me to choose.  Again, I'm small potatoes, but I can part with them and feel good about my choice.  Ahhhhh, choices....I love America!

One last note:  With ALL the plastic PC uses to make the cartridges, they really don't make all that much profit as some people think.  But, the cartridges ARE expensive and their developers need to rethink how they can make the cartridges cheaper and offer to the consumer.  How many years now....it's obvious.....they aren't interested!


Floor Mirror Card

I had a poster, similar to this card, on my classroom wall.  I left it when I retired and now miss it.  It may sound silly but the" idea behind the card" has much meaning to me.  I saw a lot of students come and go over my 33 years of teaching. When I see this card, I think of each student.  I kept the card simple because I wanted the images and comment to take center stage.  I hope you like it.  Here's my card as promised.....many people wrote and said...."whatcha gonna do with the mirror?" haha    Now you know!

Lion -  Art Impression stamp, Kitten - Meljen Designs stamp

Pop-ups for dimension,5x5, copic markers, stitching, bling

Art Impressions: Lion  (stamp)
Meljen Designs: kitten (minus the leave on ear) (digi)


Jelly Beans......(+ freebie) and oops update

       My first stamp was a House Mouse.  My love continues!  Believe it or not, I could not find a jelly bean svg that I liked and there were very few out in cyberland that I could find..... so I made my own. I decided not to use Peachy Keen faces or cut shadows as first planned;  I inked and highlighted instead.  I wanted to keep the egg shell it's natural brown color...I thought that would be cool with colored jelly beans pouring out of it....haha       (click on picture for closer view)
(Oops...I left off one of the layers...last pic is correct)

A2, copics, stitching, DCWV paper, ribbon, SCAL


My silly little jelly beans svg file

Download: jelly beans   (svg)

File will be available for 5 days


Bunny Blocks Monochromatic UPDATE (3 buttons)

........Ok, I had to change up the Bunny Blocks for the monochromatic challenge at Catch the Bug.  These little bunnies are from Bugaboo Stamps.  Grey is a neutral and usually allowed, just like skin color.  Anyhow, I put these on a smaller card so I decided just to use 3 bunnies.  I used fiber from my winning stash from Cafexpressions, stitching, punches....others listed below card.
       I liked my simple sentiment ... I can use anytime during the Spring and Summer months.
UPDATE: (Had to add 3 buttons for challenge...see last picture)
A2, copic markers, rhinestones, fibers, punches, AC paper

UPDATE:  Added 3 buttons

Catch the Bug: monochromatic


Triple Latte...... (+ freebie svg) UPDATE ON 3-28

  Outside says "I’m having a  triple shot , grande cafe mocha , vodka valium latte" ......inside says "Wanna join me?"

Oh yeah....back to my Bugaboo stamps.  The coffee cup image was a freebie some weeks back.  You can now get at Bugaboo Stamps HERE.  I also used an Svgcuts coffee cup from the set, An Afternoon at Auntie Elaine's.  Svgcuts is the root of my falling in love with svgs.  I love mixing the two mediums, something I have gotten away from lately, but I'm back for a while...haha   I stacked the cup image on top of each other and scraplifted this funny sentiment from someone at Bugaboo blog.  If you know, let me know, so I can give them the credit.  I added glossy accents to the coffee area,a whole lot of stitching, button, cord from Cheryl (Cafexpessions) from a blog candy I won, Ms punch, and corner edge punches.
UPDATE::: Added buttons to equal 3..see last picture
A2, copic markers, For Guys Only paper, fibers, glossy accents, inking

Updated to have 3 buttons

The freebie svg is a floor mirror.  I'll do my card with this hopefully tomorrow.

Download:  floor mirror   (svg)
Svg will be available for download for 5 days.

Catch the Bug: monochromatic 
Shelly's Images:  Think Warm
Ladybug Crafts: monochromatic
Totally Stampalicious: Paper PieRcing


Bunny blocks

       I always have a little trouble with layouts using blocks.  There's usually not much room left to add embellishments.  In this case I had the blocks straight and centered, then I dropped some by mistake and decided I like them better skewed as when they fell.....go figure!  My inspiration came from Rae Ann at Bugaboo Stamps, Catch The Bug. The Bunny Blocks came from Bugaboo Stamps. Right now, I don't have a challenge to add them, but if Catch the Bug has a new challenge on Saturday that will qualify it, then I'm jumping on it....haha  ( PS I forgot to color the noses, so I went back after taking the pic and fixed them, but I left two other cards without the colored noses...sorta liked that too.  The background was done in PSE).

stitching, buttons, embellishments, MS punches, McGill label punch, Colorbok paper


Thank You card for son.....

        .....to send out.  Yup, my son had some thank you cards to send.  He says, "Mom, your cards are too girly.  I need a few thank you cards that say "This is a man sending this card". (I use the word "man" loosely in this post .... haha)  Something quick and something manly ... not "for" a man, but being sent "by" a man.  He's satisfied with this quickie, man card....great....another satisfied customer!


Stella Bunny.....and freebie svg

........First, don't ask me why I chose that bright green for background.  It didn't look that bright when I chose it....haha   Second, Stella girl is at it again!  You can get her at Bugaboo Stamps HERE. I used a new cool MS border punch and a cotton bunny tail.

5x5, copic markers, stitching, Colorbok paper, glitter pen, and on and on

        I wanted Stella in an egg frame with open scallops.  I could not find one so I spent 2 hours teaching myself just a little bit more about Inkscape.  It was so frustrating until the moment I pressed "apply" and it WORKED!!!! yippee  I looked throughout the web and didn't see anything like mine....that could be a good thing or a bad thing.  I like it so it's a good thing.  I also did a plain egg shape, but included a matching shadow.  Sometimes when you do a shadow in SCAL, it won't always be quite the right shape...humm...it could just be I'm doing something stupid.  Anyhoooo....here's everything.

Download:  open scalloped egg cely  (svg)

(Will be available for 5 days...enjoy!)

Download: egg shape   (svg)
(Will be available for 5 days)


Doggie svg on card....look what Cheryl did !!!

I haven't finished my cards, but look what Cheryl did with him!!!!   HOW CUTE!!!  Check out her site at Cafexpressions for the card template svg.  The pocket card and all is a free svg on HER post.....how cool is that.  So now, you have the entire card already for you to make with both our svgs.  Cheryl offers a lot of svgs too, so be sure to check her blog.  (Remember: the doggie svg is HERE)

Thank you Cheryl for a terrific job using the puppy and giving me the card template svg.  I think I will use it with the kitty cat too!!

Kitty News......freebie svg

        Here's the kitty that was with the doggie in our local newspaper.  I didn't include the 2 white dots on the eyes....just use a white pen and save yourself the trouble....haha  And, you certainly don't need to cut out the green box; it's just for illustration.  (I happen to have the right size hand circle punch for the black part; anything to save a little time).  The kitty is about 3.25x3.25  I separated the pieces for you.

        I'm still working on my cards....too pretty a day yesterday to stay inside.  I also had to fine shoes for the dress for my son's wedding....I hate shoes and totally a "dits" to picking out shoes that look stylish so I drug my friend with me for professional help.....she's a shoe horse.

Download:  cat kitten   (svg)
This will be available for 5 days...enjoy!


Watercolor flowers.....What? ...no copics!

        Don't you just love a good find especially when you least expect it?  Found these great stamps on clearance at Michaels for $3.25.  Since it was Friday, I got an extra 10% Teacher's Discount.  Every little bit helps.  I love doing watercolor flowers...no two are ever alike.  Another survey showed that pastels were the least fun medium to use. I already mentioned yellow is the least favorite single color to use as main color on a card. When you are told to have something "pop"and eye catching on a card, I can understand how using just pastels could be a challenge.  I've never thought about using the Colorbok at Walmart.  Still thinking I'm somewhat new at cardmaking, looking at so many blogs I got the impression that  "I must" use expensive designer paper or people would think it was cheap and yucky.  I've changed!!!

5x5, jewels, stitching, old funny cut scissors, mulberry flowers, embellishments...oops, some petals got twisted, and MS leaf punch, 3 different paper patterns, but flowers cover some up


Doggie ...freebie svg

        I'm putting the cart before the horse again.  I'm giving you the svg before I finish making the card.  I am making 3 different cards at once this evening but, as promised, I'm trying to get back to posting 2 -3 svgs a week.  I saw this little doggie in our local newspaper in an ad.  There is also a cat I will do over the weekend and post on Sunday or Monday.  It's 80 degrees outside and I need to get my bohunkis outside and enjoy this wonderful weather!!!

There aren't too many pieces...if it were even I wouldn't want to do it...haha

(will be posted for download for 5 days.)




5X5, Citrus Pad, stitching,embellishments, inking, ovals

Love Garfield's take on life at times!  Grab the svg from yesterday's post. I took stripes out of face and two in his palms and used a black marker instead. I also opted to punch out eyes with a small punch.

Cheryl at Cafexpressions is having some awesome blog candy days going on.  I actually won the first blog candy...yippee....I need to go buy a lottery ticket!  Head over there....she's got some more blog candy to give away.


Garfield ..... freebie svg

I love Garfield.....he can be so funny with his outlook on life.  I'm going to make a simple card tomorrow, but thought I would go ahead and give you the svg tonight.  I know....it's been FOREVER since I posted an svg.   Life keeps getting in the way....haha   Anyhoo.....if you make him smaller than 4x5 then I would remove the stripes on his face and just draw them in with a black marker.....that's what I'm going to do for my card.  He'll be an easy cut and I have a cute little saying that I will use.  Stay turned.

Download: Garfield with open arms  (svg)

Garfield svg will be posted for download for 5 days and then taken off.  Please remember that he is a trademark and can not do be used for profit, but for personal use only.


I was Spotlighted by Copic Creations.....

..........such wonderful news.....my day has been yucky and this made it seem a so much better!
The message from Mary Giemza from Copic Creations read:
Once again, we were blown away again by all the amazing entries for our last challenge!   Thank you ALL for joining us. We’ve selected one of our favorites for this week’s “In the Spotlight” designer:
This awesome creation from Carolina Girl of  Creating in Carolina    . .  
 Truly gorgeous coloring Carolina!!    I’ll be in touch with the code for our In The Spotlight blinkie.


You're As Sweet As Can BEE ! and Spring has Sprung

        I had a Happy Birthday with the help of my family and friends.... now I'm wanting to send thank you cards and what better way than to also celebrate Spring's arrival.  See how happy the bee is!!  She's already spreading her pollen.....ah choo!
        Looking at surveys, yellow is the least used color when making cards and the least favorite of colors chosen by people and card makers.  I love buttercup yellow and how can you not love yellow, even for just a little while, when you see those daffodils jump up, letting us know that Spring is almost here!
        This is from Lindy's Stamp Gang called "Queen Bea Bee's Gang".  I printed out a honeycomb design paper, stamped tiny hives (old stamp from AC Moore's), cut with nestabilities, used a McGill tag punch,  MS stem punch, copic markers, rhinestones and glitter pens.  I needed 6 thank you cards, but I need to do some more just to keep "on hand".

Size: A2

I really wanted to get an svg posted right now, but between playing with my new IPAD 2, reading all the stuff on lawsuit against MTC and now SCAL, and the "time change"....well, I'm dragging. 


Mitchell's Birthday

My youngest son's 17th birthday was Friday.  He liked the card, but I have to agree the other card I was going to use would have been funny for a 17 year old.....of course, he didn't dwell upon it too long since the enclosed money was his main objective.  The chicken wire is either a SU or an Art Impression rubber stamp.  I bought it a long time ago on Ebay with no wood mount.  The cow and chick is from Penny Black.  Glossy accents on red parts and beaks.

Got my IPad 2 yesterday.  I love tech stuff and having so much fun with it.



       This is my first try at Verity by Sugar Nellie.  I fell in love with both images I purchased when I saw the awesome work by Jennifer at DoveArt Studios.  I literally drool when looking at her work!  I will color this darling image again and again till I get her right, but someone who is not too hard a critic will like receiving the card, I hope...haha ( I decided not to do the full image of Verity the first time around.

(I messed up on the detail on her dress so just covered it up...will try harder next time.)
Size: 5x5


WINNERS from the Cutie Patootie Blog Hop


Angie and Anna are the winners of two additional svgs from any of my past post.  I contacted them through emails posted on their blog.  I decided to have two winners instead of just one when I saw I had 90 comments.  I used the random generator for numbers.  Thank you all so much for the comments.  I too had a wonderful time going through the hop with each stop generating so much inspiration.  I will be posting later today a card.....and svg.....I hope.....lots of errands to run this morning.


Cutie Patootie Blog Hop

        This is the first blog hop I have ever participated in....so hold on to see some cutsey projects and places to go.  The theme is "cutsey"....the cuter, the better!!  There's lots of blog candy to grab along the way as well as prizes.  One request for the big prizes is that you leave a comment on every blog listed below....we will be checking.  I don't have any candy to give away, but I can offer the water can svg I used to make my shaped card. If I get 30 or more comments, I will randomly choose a winner and send you any two svgs from my blog of your choosing. If you have been following the blog hop, then you should have just come from ANGIE. To start the hop, you should go HERE.  I'm the last blog on the hop.....and this little bunny is tired!

        I made the water can svg and I made a black shadow of the can in SCAL. The bunny was a freebie from Treasure Box Designs.  I love their svgs....great price and clean cuts. The daffodils are from my yard.....haha   If you look closely (by clicking on picture) I applied Liquid Pearls for the silver rivets. Other embellishments: MS and Punch a Punch fern and leaf punches, copic markers, Peachy Keen stamps, DCWV Citrus Pad, and embossing folders.

Two pictures: one with and one without the whiskers

Fits into a 5x7 envelop - with whiskers

without whiskers

Svg will be available until blog hop is over.
DOWNLOAD:  watering can  (svg)


Cutie Patootie Blog Hop....

.......starts tomorrow at 12:01 AM   Lots of cutie projects to see and lots of blog candy and prizes to win.  Come on back tomorrow and check out my blog and 11 other fellow friend bloggers.

The blog hop starts HERE at 12:01 AM, March 5, 2011


Planting A Seed.... (+ freebie)

...of Friendship.....(inside) Reaps a bouquet of Happiness!  This is a card I made while at the beach.  The image is a Mo Manning called Sprout...it was in the "Help for Katie" collection and is not in store, but she has wonderful images at her store, Digital Pencil Too.
       I wanted to show you the difference  lighting can make on a card, but you already know that since you do cards too. It's a little frustrating..not only do I want to make fun and/or pretty cards, but I must be a professional photographer to exhibit my cards and not attract to the tiny flaws....haha

INSIDE: just picked one of my pansies (5x5 card)  Copic markers

OUTSIDE: sitting in my pot of pansies sitting on my front steps

The 5 day freebie is an svg I made this morning looking at an old 1880 brass oil lamp.  ( I stretched  it to fit better on my pending card....you can make it thinner again if you wish in SCAL or MTC.) Writing is in another language with diamond shape for O's in the words....humm

Download: old brass oil lamp  (svg)
(Note:  unless you make the lamp larger, omit the little piece that looks like a ladder)



.......Girl Raised In The South!  Yup, that's where I'm from and that's where I've been for the past week.....down South at the b-e-a-c-h!!!!!  This is a "thank you" card for my brother and SIL for loaning me  and a few friends their beach house, not just one beach house, but two!  We stamped and colored and talked paper late into the night.....sorta like our own little card workshop. Actually, I left my copics at home by mistake....I was devastated, but my sweet husband FedEX them overnight to me...wasn't that wonderful and dear of him!  We won't discuss the cost....haha

        Anyhow, temperature reached 80 and other days in 70's.  We walked the beach, picked up shells and took lots of pictures that you will see soon enough....haha

        Also, the GRITS is my freebie for 5 days...hope you enjoy!

Download: GRITS  (svg)