I'm Hooked....

 ....on card making and buying svgs and stamps from some of my favorite places!
DOWNLOAD:  Fishing rod, hook and worm ...upon comment being left..thanks so much!

(The fishing line is simply for looks. On my card, I would use some type of string or embroidery thread.)
(Time has expired)

     I wanted to start designating Sundays to displaying cards that I have made using svgs other than my own.  Today's cards were made using Svgcuts.com set called Breezy Backyard lever Cards Collection and the fire cracker from Peachy Keen Stamps.  I made the stars for the 4th of July card. If you haven't checked these sites out, you're missing out on some awesome svgs and adorable face stamps.


  1. This is so cool
    thanks so much for sharing

  2. I love fishing and I love this....I have great plans for this little svg...thanks a bunch!

  3. Would like to have the svg of the fishing rod...cute..thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks for sharing this, Cely! I really love what you've come up with the past few weeks! It's all been wonderful!

  5. I am sending my husband away on a fishing weekend for his 40th birthday and this svg would be perfect. I would love to get the sgv Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. I'm putting the fishing rod up once more for a day...People are wanting it but not leaving their email for me to send to them.

  7. You must know my family. You seem to have an idea for just about every one of them. My brother was an avid fisherman as a child and will love this.

  8. Wonderful! I have lots of fishing photos to scrapbook. This is perfect! THANK YOU!!


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