Butterflies Are Free

.......and so are these.   So many wonderful card templates out there in the web world that I had to design one myself.  I like a card that doesn't take too long from start to finish and where I can make 4 or 5 for later use.  If one card takes me an hour, I generally will never do it again and don't want to give it away .....sounds awful of me, doesn't it!  Anyway, that's what I have in the back of my mind when I make these templates and svgs for you and me.  
      COMMENTS are most welcomed.

This is a 3-D or some would say a pop-up butterfly template card.  The butterflies stay attached to the paper.  The extra 3 butterflies separate so you can place on top of the paper to give it a "special effect" as  I have done to my cards.


  1. I love this file... I really love the cards you made...
    I need to get teh face stamps...

  2. lovely card!! I am in a swap group and we are doing a butterfly themed swap, this would be great! TFS

  3. Love everything butterflies, this is special!!

    Thanks loads,

  4. Love the lace card - gives such a nostalgic feel. ;)

  5. this is a gorgeous file!! Is it still available?


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