Scalloped Small Envelop

       I use this little envelop for so many things.  Below is just one example.  You could remove the circle and fold the top flap over to make a tiny closed envelop.  You can remove the dashes before cutting...they are just to guide where the folds should be...sometimes a little cut helps. The fold does NOT go around to the back, but rather folded in and glued to the inside. ( The second pic is how it would look in SCAL 2, but can be cut with any machine since it is an svg.)  The dimensions are 2.60 x 4.60, but they grew in Scal 2 to 2.62 x 4.65 and both work fine. (This was like my old sizzlit that died on me a while back, plus I couldn't resize when I wanted to, so this was the next best solution.)

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  1. I can always use another little cute envelop...liked the way you used it...and that dog with the ears flapping in the fan is just too cute!

  2. Yes...it will be very useful....enjoy following your blog and seeing what fun svg you will have next. Thanks for sharing...

  3. Thanks, Cely! Perfect replacement for the old Sizzix die I used to have! :)

  4. I'm a sucker for any kind of envelopes. How cute is this one!


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