Charleston Summer Feelin'

        What is South Carolina's claim to fame?  I'll hit upon 2 today. The infamous "Palmetto Bugs".  They grow to the size of toasters.  (It's a glorified name for the biggest cockroach on the face of this earth since dinosaurs!) They aren't scared of the human species and they have WINGS. Turn your light on in the middle of the night and you will find one sitting on your night table staring at you. Not to worry, the house lizards usually keep the population under control.  Two: The Palmetto Tree and the hundred year old Live Oak trees with their cascades of beautiful Spanish Moss.  Ahh...spanish moss...beautiful....a beautiful fungus and covered in red bugs, chiggers that will bury themselves under your skin and drive you crazy.  So the next time you're driving through our fine state and you see some free spanish moss...keep on driving, straight to your nearest Michaels, AC Moore's or Hobby Lobby and BUY it! Download HERE for Palmetto bug and HERE for Live Oak with moss. The Palmetto Tree was my very first blog day and you can find it to the right in my svg file.


  1. Hmmm - I remember those palmetto bugs from when I lived in Florida, I don't miss those! I don't have to deal with too many bugs in Pittsburgh :)

  2. Nasty critters!

    Love that tree, Cely!!


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