Dora Alligator Kayak...what do they have in common!

       They all are svgs that I made from public domain images and are free to download.  I scaled down Dora a lot so she wouldn't have so many pieces.  I tested her in SCAL2. Download HERE for "Dora the Explorer".   I did the alligator and kayak for forum friends on svgcuts forum. It's an awesome forum...you MUST check it out. Download HERE for the alligator and HERE for the kayak.
       I always make a card with my svgs as a visual aide, but these were done to help friends and at this time, I have no need to made a card.  I thought someone checking out my blog could use one so that's why I'm posting them.  Help yourself and I hope you enjoyed looking.


  1. Love the new look of your blog.
    Thank you for the svgs.

  2. Cute cute cute files and I LOVE the easter egg cuts below...they're awesome!!! Also, THANK YOU very much for your awesome comment on my blog!!!!


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