Footprints in the Sand....

It's never an easy task, but there will be those certain times in your life you must do a sympathy card and that was one of those days for me yesterday.  A long-time friend past away yesterday.  He was a true fighter and kept his sense of humor till the very end.  He will be soooo missed.  He was a lover of the sea, mountains and the golf course. 

The image is from Lighthouse Pyramage from Stampin Dragon.  (The inside has the old time favorite "Footprints in the Sand" along with a sand dollar cut-out.)  But, I must tell the truth....my friend Cheryl brought me a beautiful bag upon her visit to South Carolina.  I couldn't find anything as beautiful to use for my card.  So, the love she put into this bag, I lovingly took the lighthouse off to use on my card to be sent to my friend's family. I told Cheryl what I had done....I wanted her to know it is with highest respect and admiration of the wonderful bag she made I felt the need to "pass on" a part. 

Netting (onion bag) starfish (JoAnn Fabrics/Crafts)


  1. Cely
    First of all let me say I am so sorry your friend passed.
    This is such a beautiful card and I am sure Cheryl is honored to have been a part of it.
    You both do beautiful work.

  2. So sorry about your friend, Cely. I'm sure his family appreciates your personal touch. It's a very lovely card and very personal. TFS.

  3. So sorry for your loss. Your card is beautiful and the fact that you shared something special of yours to make it with makes it even more beautiful.

  4. So sorry about the passing of your friend, your card is a beautiful tribute to him.....hugs
    Jackie xx

  5. I'm very sorry to hear the sad news. I can tell you put a lot of thought into your card and it's lovely.

  6. Superb, Cely! Wish it didn't have to be for a sad occasion but it's incredible.

  7. Sending big hugs, and lots of love to you and the family! My deepest condolences, Cely. Have a safe trip!

    p.s. Card looks fabulous, and I AM honored. :0)

  8. This is a really beautiful card! I am so sorry for your loss. I just lost a dear friend to Pancreatic cancer too & she was a wonderful person who everyone loved. My condolences to you Cely. Kathy

  9. WOW! No words are enough to describe it. It's awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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