It's Strawberry Pickin' Time

       Love my strawberries and frozen ones in summer!  The crow "hit a nerve with me" because they always dine on my blueberry bushes before I get to pick them.  Those crows are always one step ahead of me....they are no different when it comes to my 5 pitiful strawberry plants either!  Download HERE for wire basket.  I will use the basket again for something entirely different so come back and visit.  My friend, clbecker from svgcuts.com forum, got me hooked on the cute "Peachy Keen Face Stamps"...they are super!  I also used Trina Clark and Friends.com digi stamps...super cute....super cheap!! Added a little copic markers and embellishments and I say complete!  Thank you for stopping by to take a peek.


  1. I love this card. The strawberries are so cute with those faces!! And your wire basket is awesome TFS!

  2. Glad you like the strawberries....how about filling up that same basket with golf balls and make this old boy happy!

  3. AWESOME card!!!! the basket is ACE... but adore that crow LOL!
    Mega hugs
    Angela xxx.

  4. Very Cute Cely! Love me some strawberries!

  5. Cely
    Thank you for the wire basket. I am going to put some berries in it and place it on a Thank you card for Landy's great grandmother. Thanks, mj


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