Waitin' for my husband

I love Halloween time and this skeleton was callin' me to buy it as I was strolling through Costco.   I have him/her sitting on my front porch.  I plan to change the sign about every 3 days.  Meanwhile you may ask what and why I'm waitin' on my husband !  Well, he never gave me a card or present for my birthday,  still waitin'.  He hasn't decided when he would like to take a vacation...still waitin'.  Heck, he's still thinkin' about Long Term Care Insurance for us...yup...still waitin'.  I think you get my drift!

That's my favorite South Carolina hat she's wearing


  1. Cely, this is absolutely hilarious!!!

  2. Ha! I am sure this is a nice compliment to your new house Cely!

  3. I love it, made me chuckle :o)
    Jackie xx

  4. You are so bad! I bet the neighbors love you already. So, what's the next sign going to say? You know, thinking about this, last year we put up a headstone (cheapy) for our cat that was killed by our dog. It was stolen! We could never have something THIS nice!

  5. How funny but girl you need to put a little weight on..LOL this is too cute and sure visitors will get a big laugh out of it.

  6. Hilarious, just so much good humour in it!


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