Football Season at our school means one thing....

       .......a lot of these around our school !!

Download:  crutches   (svg)

(I hope you enjoy, but hope you don't have to use...haha!!)


  1. Oh! These are just too cute! ( and yes! I hope I never have to use em - again- lol)

  2. Ha Ha - my husband is a football coach - hopefully he won't have any players using these - have not visited your blog in awhile - love your creative projects!

  3. Haha! These are great! we just had a big "discussion" with my son...he wanted to switch from playing Varsity soccer to playing JV football (school just started offering football after not having it for over 30 years). You can't tell a teenager "no" without a battle, so we made him decide after pointing out the pro's of him playing soccer vs the cons of football. Good old-fashioned parenting! lol!
    Oh.....he stuck with soccer! :)


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