You Make Me Smile

The blog started years ago for ME.  I was inspired by the movie "Julia and Julie".  I would post a new SVG each week and offer it free to anyone that requested it.  At the end of the year, I had posted wellover 100 free svgs, so I definitely met my goal.  

I took a long break and I'm back. I need to set a new goal even though I'm starting in September.  My goal....to make a card for each of my two grandchildren each week and to make 2 cards to send to a friend or family member....that makes a total of 4 cards a week...a pretty tall order.  They won't be near as detailed and intricate as I have made in the past, but will be made with humor and love.

Dearie Dolls was one of my favorite blogs to follow.  She had a unique style all her own that so many fell in love with, not just me.  Like me, she took a break but has not returned.  I honor her today, and many months to come, with one of her images.  This is called "Take A Bite Out Of Spring".

A2, for my granddaughter Mary Hannah, stitching, grass die cut,
cut out extra head and added pop dots for dimension and on bug,
Diamond Stickles on flower and bug

Paper Smooches sentiment, for my lovely step-granddaughter Audrey,
Clouds are a punch


  1. LOL what a fun and interesting image. I do somewhat remember those images, but I don't believe I ever used them. I bet the kids will enjoy receiving your cards. Nice dimension and I happen to have that same grass die!

  2. These are so cute and colorful, I love that fun image and the added dimension!
    Tammy x

  3. That's a great goal, and very ambitious! They'll love hearing from you. I send cards to my granddaughter (not nearly as often!) and sometimes include extra die cuts I have laying around. She loves to glue them onto paper for her crafting time.

    I love the way you built upon your Dearie Doll images to create these sweet cards!


  4. I too love Dearie Dolls and miss Mary. I love the card and the 3D head. Hope you achieve your goal, I'm not even making one a week atm.
    Faith x

  5. Oh my...I am so envious...love this DD image! I am lucky to get 4 a month made with my life style now. Hopeful to have that change soon!

  6. Great goal and humor and love is what counts.. I love the colors on this card and cute image.. So glad to see you making cards again.. Hugs


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