This is where I live now!!!

I had lived in Greenville, SC all my life except during my years in college in Charleston, SC.  I've been a passionate beach, water, ocean lover all my life.  I now have the opportunity to do just that!!!  I now live in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Below are pics I took just the other morning.  I awake many a very early morning.  I grab a cup of coffee and head to the balcony.  I get quite the morning show any given morning.  This particular morning, I grabbed my old IPhone 7 and took these pics from 6:00 am - 6:35 am....that is how quick the morning sunrise changes..

The last pic is on the other side of the building where I am able to grab a a pic of the sunset.  We have the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Banana River on the other. (We won't discuss hurricanes.)

I also just finished a renovation on a little condo across the park from us.  It's also on the beach but not as high up.  I'll share the renov pics in a few days.

But cyber friends, this is why I love the beach!!! God's beauty!

6:00 AM (Sunrise)

6:20 AM (Sunrise)

6:35 AM (Sunrise)

Sunset on Banana River on other side of our building


  1. What a lovely scene in each picture. You're right, it does change quick. We here in Jacksonville Beach don't like the "H" word either. Dorian scared the bejeebers out of us. [Bunny]``

  2. Wow those are stunning. That sunset is amazing! I'll have to see where about you are - I've never been good with geography - and one day I hope to visit!!

  3. Hi Bunny...you are so close to me. I don't know why there's an issue with the email. It is celyinscatgmail.com I'm getting emails and thought I wrote back. Please try again. Smiles, Cely

  4. Beautiful photos.. God is great.. Giving us so many beautiful scenes. I love the water and so glad to live in Washington State and the pacific ocean. I don't get there enough but when I do I just breathe deep.. take it all in and count my blessings.. Hugs

  5. what a lucky lady you are...thanks for sharing your joy


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