Beach Life ....... Salt Life

Sunny beach weather is back after Hurricane Dorian.  Did anyone notice that the hurricane was never referred to as "he" or "she".  Hummm...

Anyhow, I'm slowly returning to card making.  So many of yal out there have way surpassed me on the new and improved techniques, machines and gadgets.  WOW!  My goal is just to be able to make cards to send to family and friends.  OK...a challenge now and then would be fun.

You need to stop by Little Card Maker.  We have been team members on several blogs, but she continued when I stopped.  She has continued to be my inspiration until I could open my boxes and find for my inspiration.

I bought this simple little beach die from Aliexpress.  I made the words "Salt Life" on my endearing Cameo.

Cards for size A2.  I just realized I have not added a watermark.  I added puff tape for dimension and extra texture by stitching the edges.  The cloud is a punch.  The seagull is a die.


  1. Love your die and the background AND gorgeous stitching, a fabulous card Cely.
    Great dressing too!
    Faith x

  2. So pretty!I love this die. Would make great guy cards or for anyone who loves the ocean or lighthouses. Me, me! We are headed to mail next week for a three week vacation. Not much crafting going to happen until after we get home. :( My brother passed away yesterday so I need to help with his funeral arrangements. So getting ready for vacation and the funeral is taking up my time. Stay well. I'll visit when I have Internet access.

  3. WOW, Cely, I love the combination of die cuts you chose. What a fabulous scene you created! Your stitching is magnificent. Actual machine stitching through CS is something I have never mastered and I'm tremendously impressed with anyone who can do it as beautifully as you.

  4. These are so pretty. The beach scene is so peaceful. I love the dark blue mat; it really sets off the white scene!


  5. Beautiful scene. So peaceful and can almost smell the salty air. Awesome dies and colors. I love it.

  6. Awww, you gave me a shout out! Gee, thanks. But you were always MY inspiration, especially when being able to combine multiple images and such with Doodle Pantry. And I didn't notice the hurricane was not given a "gender." I wonder why not? And I do adore these cards. With the red and "sand" peeking through the lighthouse and of course the seagull.


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