You're so berry sweet.... (3rd posting today...haha)

I guess you can tell by now I'm on a strawberry kick.  I love  strawberries.  I dehyrate fruits and make my own beef jerky (for the men in the family).  Anyhow, not realizing how much water was in a strawberry I made a frugal attempt of dehydrating strawberries.  By the time they were cured, they had shriveled up to nothing!!!! Good tasting, but I had to pop at least 6 in my mouth to get satisfied by one good munch.  Oh well, I'll stick with my strawberry jam, strawberry pies, strawberry fluff, strawberries dipped in chocolate, and just plain strawberries!

The image is from Bugaboo Stamps.  She is Sunbonnet from the Strawberry set HERE.
A2, vertical fold, stitching, EK punch, glitter pen for tiny heart

Catch The Bug:  4 layers or more


  1. She is so "berry" pretty! Yep - liking the bigger pattern on the paper!!
    Strawberries are my all-time favorite. I used to eat them so much that my stomach ached when I was little! hahaha! (Don't tell....but ometimes I still do that!! lol!) ;0)

  2. Love all your strawberry cards today - cannot wait for the summer when we can have fresh strawberries and cream x

  3. Ohhhh sooooo pretty.....

  4. Great card, I love the colors

  5. Cely thank you very much for the scallop oval. It is just beautiful. I have needed one of these so many times. Thank you very much. mj

  6. I love the card. It's a beautiful shape, and the colors are striking, too!

  7. She is too too cute for words! and the colors you chose for her are wonderful too!


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