Ladybug card different flowers

I wanted to do this pretty Bugaboo Stamp free image in some different colors.  I've had a good time with this one even though I have a horrendous head ache and ear ache...all sinus and Spring related I'm sure.

Received some very informative information from a follower who knew about ladybugs.....

"There's more than one species of ladybug out there. The one without spots is from Japan and it bites. It was brought to deal with a different pest than ours and is becoming invasive (kind of like kudzu). " -- Debbie


  1. Oh so pretty! Are you cutting htose flower petals, or???

  2. This is very pretty. You've really made the bugaboo pop! And your photography skills are great too. I love the way you display your art. Is that your wallpaper or did you set that up for your pictures? Been busy working on my store front. I can't wait to show you. (Well, I can't wait to see it myself.) LOL

  3. Aww! You usually post so many more details...
    I love your ladybug and flower! Did you create the file for that flower?
    And the swirls???
    And the layout??? Is that from a sketch?
    This card is going in my "Inspiration" file, because I love everything about it!

  4. Cely
    Another fabulous card. Loving it

  5. Oh, hey....I forgot to tell you that I am copying this sketch! lol! ;0)

  6. Cely - this is just GORGEOUS! I love the colors you used. The pinks are really beautiful! Hope you're feelin' better - crazy Spring weather is always a doozie on the sinuses!
    Thanks too for playin' along with us this week for the Catch The Bug "Anything Goes" Challenge with Bugaboo Stamps! Hugs & Happy Days! ~Min

  7. I love this card, it's soo pretty, and the flower matches the cartoon flower so well! The pearls and the swirls and the green bug are all just right!

  8. Great card, Cely. I like how most of it is just a switch around of elements, as well as new colors, to give it a different feel. Sorry, you're still not feeling well. Problems that I always thought were totally sinus, for me, turned out to be actually a form of migraines, brought on by weather and my sinuses. They'd go on for weeks. I found a website mediclim.com, where you can sign up and they notify you by e-mail, when weather in your area will cause these headaches in the next 48 hours and you can take preventative meds, like decongestives or headache meds, before they start. Helped me a lot. Just even knowing. Hope this helps and hope you feel better soon. Pain can be debilitating after awhile. Take care.

  9. Hope you are feeling better - I can emphasize with you on the sinus issues, especially the ear ache - I've had one off and on for a few months due to sinus problems! Now I remember as a child how bad ear aches were - THEY STILL ARE! Take care - great card BTW - how are you so creative when in pain?? You're amazing!

  10. It is a very lovely card, with a great color touch.

  11. gorgeous, we get those japanese lady bugs, they are like orange in color and they really do bite.

    -- dalis


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