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Remember:  The challenge is still going on HERE!!!

I started out as a card maker and many of you started out as scrapbook makers or card makers like me and evolved into using svg files like me.  My roots are still with card making, but many svg card makers ask me if you can really get much use out of one stamp.  I ask the same question with an svg. I am revisiting this Stampin' Up stamp and bringing back different cards I created using the same stamp.  The first card I made today.  In conclusion....I LOVE BOTH!!!!
Today's card ( I saw someone's card using this same stamp and technique and loved it...I'm so sorry I can't find who it was that gave me this inspiration.  If you know, let me know to give loving credit!) I had real hard time getting color in picture...it's a deep rich brown, not washed out like in the pic.

Close up using extra cut of flower tops and pop-ups

(Same stamp) left: silhouette     right: Fall look

(Same stamp)  Spring look  (I omitted sentiment until ready to use..that's why it looks so bare on top.)  Little blurred...sorry!

I think it's pretty cool how you can get so many different effects from one stamp.  So to answer the question:  Yes,  especially with flowers, trees, stems, etc. possibilities are endless.  And, I'm not even that creative.


  1. Those turned out beautiful! That's one of my favorite SU sets.

  2. All gorgeous, Cely! I had done a birthday card with the background similar to yours on the top card. I had this stamp set long ago (ended up selling it). I still have the daisy one that is similar. This has inspired me to pull that one out soon! I love the silhouettes!
    I'll be MIA for a couple days (heading out to visit Kyle at school). Have a great Monday! :)

  3. What a beautiful card - you did a lovely job with the accenting the flowers. I love all your cards - who knew you could do so much with one stamp!

  4. What beautiful cards, I love all the colourways :o)
    Jackie xx

  5. Oh Man, I may have to invest in that stamp set. These cards are just BEAUTIFUL!!! TFS


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