Happy Birthday Mary Hannah

I'm continuing with birthday cards for Mary Hannah since I won't be able to attend her 6th birthday festivities.  It will make a total of 4...reached my goal.

A simple balloon(s) die cut from Aliexpress called balloon die.  I made the clear round do-dahs.  I wish I had brought my bucket of them with me when I moved, but I just couldn't bring it ALL....LOL

A2, distress inks smudging, machine stitching, glitter pen


  1. What a beauty! Just like Mary Hannah, I'm sure! Love the pretty colors. That's a wonderful balloon die. Hope all is well.

  2. Oh, beautifully done, Cely, and I love the background. Great idea doing the balloons two different ways!

  3. Awesome card. Great colors perfect bright happy colors. I like the balloon dies. Wow actual stitching. I love stitching but hate having to bring the sewing machine out.. Love it.

  4. The colors are just so amazing. I always love your machine stitching. A couple of years ago, you inspired me to bring my sewing machine up from the basement and put it on my craft desk. I figured "out of sight, out of mind" but bringing it upstairs didn't help. I still didn't use it!! :)


  5. I saw this die and almost got it! Maybe I still will since your card is adorable. Nice background - looks artsy. And I like how you have a few of the balloons filled. I made some of those "do-dahs" a long long time ago and rarely use them - boy they smelled the house up.


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