My Happy Place (2nd posting today)

Ok...I don't want to bore you, so you can just skip this post if you don't want to see an awesome video my friend Christian (using his fantastic drone) and I put together when I was at the beach a few days before Hurricane Matthew. I invited him down along with my friend Laura.  We had a great time with my brother and his wife.  Anyhooooo, I think it turned out beautifully and makes me smile and homesick for the beach.  (You can see me waving as the drone passes over...haha).

Seeing this on a huge TV screen is wonderful.  Clicking on FULL SCREEN at bottom right corner helps too.

Thank you Christian for all your help and patience...haha


  1. Great shots from the drone. Too bad the hurricane destroyed so much. It was lovely.

  2. What a lovely retreat Cely. I hope you get it repaired and enjoy many many more days of fun with family!

  3. It's like a bird sanctuary! I loved seeing all the herons or egrets or whatever they were. I can see why you love it there. Definitely a little peace!


  4. It is beautiful Celey what an awesome place, looks like a piece of Heaven. I understand the hurricane did it's thing on it (by some of the comments).Mother Nature can be very cruel. Hoping for a quick recovery..

  5. What a gorgeous place I know why you love it! I showed this to my husband and we both agree we've NEVER seen such long piers for private property before and so many lol!

  6. Wow! Why have I never gone to visit you here before?! I'm so jealous. But I have to ask, are those areas of water and grass - is that a swamp? So there is a beach, houses, swamp, then more houses....and there are roads through all of that to get you home? I know I probably sound like a simpleton, but I've never seen anything like this. I'm a desert rat and frankly, water scares me. And you're surrounded by it!


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