Fall Blessings...Winter Wishes

There is this wonderful lady named Becky that I have known for many years.  She just had her 89th birthday.  She took care of my first son for several months when I had to return to teaching.  She was a regular babysitter on the very rare occasions my husband and I could steal away.  She is also the mother of my best friend.  My husband and I felt very honored to attend her birthday with all her family.  We were the only ones that weren't blood relatives or related by marriage.

She has downsized, so space for knick/knacks is limited.  I made her a decorative piece using a small 5x5 glass block.  What's different is that I put a FALL THEME on one side and a WINTER THEME on the other.  I will simply take off the Fall foliage and replace with the white wintery foliage as seen in the pic below.  I figured she could start displaying in mid-October and turn over in December which could carry her into February.
5x5, Fall Blessings, leaves from Silhouette Store, burlap ribbon which you can't see

lights off

other side of 5x5, warm winter wishes, "Winter" and snow flakes from Silhouette Store, lights off

I'll remove the Fall foliage and replace with winter leaves...this was just a quickie pic for you to get the idea

There were still about 10 family members who were unable to attend.  Don and I took the pics...haha  I could only hope that I would have this many loved ones surrounding me on my 89th birthday if I'm ever so lucky to reach that golden year.


  1. Great gift idea and wonderful pics!

  2. Love the 2 sided blocks as I'm sure your friend did too! I usually spray my blocks with frosted glass, but I'm going to use burlap next time!


  3. Oh my that is gorgeous plus being reversible is like two presents in one. I'm going to assume the foliage hides the plug for the lights inside. I remember seeing something similar you made in the past and wanting to give this a try. I so need to remember this!

  4. I like the little blocks. Just the right size to add a little something special.

  5. What a thoughtful gift. You did a beautiful job on it. I've still never made one of these. Maybe when I retire. I like the stand, too!


  6. Gorgeous fall decoration! Lovely family too!!

  7. Love, love these decorations. and I too hope you can be surrounded by family and friends at 89 :O)! You will probably be the one making decorations!!

  8. I love your glass blocks, Cely! You do such magnificent work on them. One of these days, I really need to learn how to make them. :-D

  9. This is just perfect. I bet she loved it. It is nice to have such treasured people include them in their circle isn't it? I bet you are like one of her daughters too!


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