Before Hurricane Matthew

I thought I would post a few pictures taken 2 days before Hurricane Matthew.  Under each pic I will say what is now gone.  "Most" of the house stayed in tack.  However, a boat appeared in the yard after the storm, but the owner was found...that was one happy man.  We removed the kayaks from the dock but not the launcher.  If anyone has seen it floating around, we would love to have it back.

the entire walk to the dock is gone...$80,000

It's against the law to pick sea oats or walk on the dunes....all is gone and flattened

picture taken by a friend's drone.  You can't really see the groinings but they are gone

all the docks and walks are gone

The top widows deck is gone and many dock walks were scattered all over the yard.

swings can be replaces, limbs gone, these are Live Oaks that are century years old


  1. Oh Cely how heart breaking for y'all! No wonder you loved going to the beach so much! (((Hugs))) to you my friend!


  2. Mother Nature can be so destructive. I know how much you love your beach...I am so sorry.

  3. I really feel for you, Cely, and am sorry so much damage was done but so very happy that no all the loss was property, not your people.


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