South Carolina tumbler gift

I picked up a bunch of these clear tumblers, along with some colored, at the Dollar Tree.  Yup, everything is $1...great!  I love personalizing these glasses as a quick gift token.  If they get lost or break, it was only $1.  My friend Harry accidentally ran over his (a story for another day), and had really become attached to his glass....his had a bone fish on it.  Anyhooooo, I was happy to make him another....took all of 5 minutes.

This one is for my friend Angela who is giving it to a fellow counselor.  Her friend is moving way up north and wanted Lynn to hopefully remember her wonderful time in SC.  The palmetto tree and crescent moon combo is out state logo.

If you scroll down the right hand side of my blog you will find the free SC logo that is always available for download.


  1. Cely
    What a cute idea!!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such neat comments.
    Do you find when you make a really elegant card that you can't feel comfortable making another one that is not so elegant? lol

  2. Oh, you have been busy! My "Welcome to SC" tumbler must have got lost. lol! *wink* lol!
    These are really cool. I need to make some!

  3. I too like big cups with straws. So, are these washable?

  4. I need to see if they have some of these at my dollar tree! I want to make some of these! What font did you use???

  5. I can't find the download link for this design! Help! :o)

  6. I can't find the download link for this svg file....please help! Thanks! I too, am a SC girl! :o)


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