Merry Christmas and Good Health

Guess what!!!  The flu shot doesn't cover all the flu viruses this year.  Our family has been sick since Thanksgiving night.  I rarely get sick...think I built up immunities teaching in a high school setting for 33 years.  Even though I still sub some, I guess it wasn't enough to keep my immunities in tact.  My DH and I dragged our bodies to the doctor this past Tuesday.  He confirmed that the flu had hit and the vaccine didn't cover all the influenza out there this year.  Oh well, at least we were all sick together, but it was "each man for himself"....haha  Therefore, I confirm this is the longest I've ever worked on a card...I call it finished but only after I felt like I was free of germs to continue with it knowing I would be sending it to one of YOU...haha  Trust me...it's germ free!

I married two Doodle Pantry images, made my own cut file similar to the Cottage Cutz window die, made a window for the inside of the card to look more attractive, and finished it with flower, branch and holly punches, along with gold microbeads for flower center and some stitching.

A2 vertical, pop-ups for dimension, cut window for added dimension


  1. Cely
    What an adorable little winter scene.

  2. Glad to hear your feeling better...

    Love your card! That cut file is awesome!

    (I baked dog cookie treats for Doolin today. I think it was with the recipe you sent me. He loved them.)

  3. What a fabulous card :O)
    I hope you are soon well again...hugs
    Jackie xx

  4. Ditto, so glad you are feeling better! Your card is fabulous and sounds like so much work but with wonderful results! Love it so!

  5. How beautiful. Anyone would love to receive this.

  6. Cely, this card was certainly worth the extra time! It's wonderful. It's like two cards in one.

    Hope you and your husband get well soon, or you'll both be Rudolph for Christmas with red noses (or Grinches with green faces!!)


  7. Very pretty! Love that little bird scene! Glad you are feeling better!

  8. Magnificent card, Cely! Great stitching. Love the red and green combo on the outside and the way it becomes primarily blue and white on the inside. Very clever design. :-D So glad you're feeling better. Don't over do.

  9. Cely, So sorry you both have been ill. That is never fun but together is the way to go. Last spring me and DH has bronchitus (however you spell it) at the same time, three trips to dr for new antibiotics we healed but it was care for yourself for sure. Thank goodness for doggie door..
    I love your card as always. Love the details. Some lucky person will enjoy it.

  10. Even sick you make stunning work. So sorry you've been sick so long. My DH had kidney stone surgery this morning so I'm trying to keep him down for the weekend. Love that window and your Doodle Pantry scene is adorable. Sure hope your weekend is healthy and relaxing. Hang in there.

  11. LOL! I know exactly what you mean by each man for himself! We got sick the same time as you and Sprout ended up with croup. So I'm sick with a baby who can only cry and cough ALL night...it was rough.

    It's also good to know I'm not the only one who waits to create till I know for sure I can't send the germs across the miles! I thought I was a paranoid freak...or does that mean you're one too?

  12. So sorry you were down with the flu! Love the scene you created, and your window is gorgeous! Beautiful inside and out. Fabulous creativity, Cely!

  13. I really hope you're feeling better cely! Gorgeous card!


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