My Mixer is SMOKIN' !

For Christmas, we get together with our friends from Charleston and try to exchange "homemade" gifts.  Doesn't always happen, but we try..haha !

This year my friend Harry asked for some "flames" to put on his Kitchen Aid mixer.  I have the exact same mixer so I used mine as the prototype.  I will change the writing for his mixer to "Stirring Things Up" or "Always Stirring Things Up" because he does get me "stirred up"...on purpose...haha  I will use black vinyl...little more "manly".

I used a flame file from Silhouette.  I adjusted to compensate for the 1.5" circle the flames had to go around.   Working around curves in two different directions was a little tricky, but I am happy with the final project.


  1. Wow that is wicked-spit-fire-fun. Tricky girl:) Jolly good giggles and chuckles.

    Thanks for all the kind comments you left.

    You asked about the canvas,paper and burlap I used.I bought 5 of the deeply embossed tan papers off the clearance racks, for 22 cents each, originally $1.99 @! Love a bargain. I'll send you a sheet just email your address. I also got some white paper with swirls of glass beads for the same price. I don't know how I'll use it but the price was right!
    The burlap I picked us at a yard sale...an unfinished roaster place mat kit. Want some burlap???
    Cely I'm so surprised at how delighted I am that you leave such wonderful comments. Thank you. Be well my friend and craft on!

  2. Wow I LOVE it! Harry is going to be wowed!

  3. Hah! That is AWESOME! Way to go, girl! I think the color flamed would be just as manly - kinda' like a race car graphic!
    Cheryl First
    aka Cafexpressions

  4. Wow! Never would have thought to 'soup up' my mixer. How fun is this. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  5. LOL! OMG this is fantastic. I use my kitchen aid at least a few times a week and LOVE it. Hope he likes it!

  6. Cely
    What a hoot!!! I think it is marvelous--sure to bring a smile to the cooks face.:)

  7. how cute and fun gift to give a special someone. You are too funny.

  8. Ha, ha! This made me laugh. A friend and I have a cookie baking day together next week and yes we'll be using a Kitchenaid. It probably is close to smoking by the time we get done. We've been known to make 14 different varieties of cookies on that day, some double batches. Of course, we are getting older and slower and we stare at the directions a lot longer than we use to ;- )
    Love, how you were able to handle the curves!!!

  9. What a fun, creative project!

  10. Magnificent, what an idea and love how it looks! You have me eyeing mine, this could be a new trend LOL! Don't think I'm talented enough though.

  11. This is so fun! I am sure Harry will love this! Wish we could work our dueling mixers into some Christmas baking!


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