Sing...like no one is listenng

       When I was young, I took guitar lessons.  After months of practice, very little improvement was seen.  I started singing to compensate for my poor guitar skills.  However, my singing skills were even worse than my guitar playing.  Since neither one could compensate for the other, I was begged by family and friends to give up the venture of singing and to please put down the guitar.  I'm now a devout "shower" singer ...taking it to the highway at times if I'm driving by myself.  This card is dedicated to the poor souls like me who can't carry a tune in a tin bucket!

The canary is from Svgcuts.com Robin's Return Set.  DOWNLOAD HERE for the birdcages svg file.  The frame, words "sing", and hanger are in a .scut file.  DOWNLOAD HERE for the .scut file.


  1. I can relate to your story about singing and playing an instrument. At least my kitty cats don't realize how bad I sound, they love it when I sing.

  2. Carolina Girl
    I really like your blog design. It fits you to a "tea". We are really benefiting from you creating all these wonderful cuts for us. Thank you so much. I will hang around more once school gets out—early in May.
    I am sure your sing with the same soul as you write and create. Thanks. mj (adobeteacher)

  3. That is an awesome, birdcage layout. I wanted to download it but the link was gone...:((

  4. I've tried to download your svgs but when I click on them, I get a window that says the link has been taken down. How do I get to see the svgs? Thanks for helping!


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