Back from my cruise

I appreciate all the comments left the last several weeks on my different blog postings.  We just returned home from a long cruise with limited internet access. ( My phone was never turned on...withdrawals here but I did it...haha) I didn't want to post I was leaving for a long cruise.

We left on Oct. 4 and returned home Nov. 16...exhausted but having an awesome time.  We flew to Rome, toured and caught Koningsdam Holland American Cruise Liner.  We did many ports-a-call in Italy, Greece, Croatia, Crete, Malta, Turkey, Montenegro, Sicily, Spain and Portugal. We then did a transatlantic cruise back to Ft. Lauderdale, rented a car and drove home.  I saved for a long time for these cruises.  Weather was great.  I won't bore you with 1000's of pics.  Here are just a few.

As of this evening and tomorrow, I will catching up on many blogs I follow.  Again, thank you for all the comments left regarding my cards.  I worked very hard to create and pre-post before we left for the cruise.

Jim making a wish in the fountain in Rome, Italy

The first Olympic village and races BC

Starting line at the first ever Olympics.  To stand on the starting line was a rush. (BC)

Athens, Greece


Capri  Outside of Naples, Italy

can't remember...I was drinking beer...Just kidding...this was Mykonos , Greece

meal of fried enchovies

outdoor cafe on a Greek Isle

awesome cheese market in the town square in town in Spain


  1. Wow! This looks like the trip of a lifetime. I'm so glad y'all had fun, got to see and experience so many places, foods and oh the memories. Lovely. I want to know what a fried anchovy tasted like. Oh, and the cheese market..........mmmm. Heaven.

  2. The anchovies are actually mild and sweet tasting...nothing like what is in the states. I would never eat an anchovy. However, I also pinched the head off. Oh my, cheeses, fresh seafood, olives, olive oils and the wines....amazing.

  3. Wow! How wonderful! I'm so happy you got to go on such an amazing adventure. As Bunny said, the trip of a lifetime! I hope you make a scrapbook of all the millions of photos I know you have! :)


  4. That was one cruise, how wonderful to see so much of Europe, you must have been thrilled to have such an experience.
    Faith x

  5. So glad you had a fantastic trip, Cely! Your photos are fantastic and I know those memories will be with you forever. So glad you're back and posting again. :-D

  6. Wow! That sounds like the tour of a lifetime. The pics of Rome brought back memories. We were in Rome in 1984. I'm sure some things have changed since then. Welcome home!

  7. Wonderful vacation for you both. Your new love looks so handsome. You look awesome.. I'd have to pass on the anchovies. Hubby would eat them but not me.. I've always wanted to visit Greece. Your vacation sounds wonderful. Glad you had down time with the phone and internet and enjoyed your trip. Hugs


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