Our sweet, dear Boo...

....went missing while under the care of a friend who was watching our doggies while we went to the beach this past week.  We have tried everything to find him...humane society, facebook, craigslist, contacting all vets and rescues.  We saturated the area he went missing (which was very far away from our home) with flyers in neighborhoods, sheriffs office, fire department, and the mailman and attaching flyers to mailboxes.  We have offered a $500 reward.  He's not worth that much but he is loved that much.  I haven't been able to work on cards.  We have spent our days driving and driving and driving the area in search of him.  He has a sister, Bonnie, who is upset and whines many times during the day.

yes, he has a microchip but the area he was lost in is a bit impoverished and I don't see anyone taking him to a vet or the humane society.  I'm hoping the $500 reward will be incentive for them to be looking for him 

Some little happy pics...
My friend Faith at Daffodil Cards blogspot loves her agapanthus flowers too.  This is the first year they have bloomed so nicely since being planted last year.  They are still not at full bloom yet (some are still in bud form) but wanted to share...needed something happy to look at right now.

stand about 4 feet high and each bloom is about 10 inches in diameter

I planted more on another hill.  I try to add a few the past two years.  They are hard to find and are a little expensive.


  1. I am so sorry to hear the news about Boo. My heart goes out to you. I hope that someone finds him from the microchip and brings him back to you.

  2. Hope he finds his way back home soon, poor Boo, and poor you. I can understand your pain at his absence, so lets just keep hoping for a happy ending, Jx

  3. Oh Cely I'm so, so sorry! Our fur babies are just like our "kids". Will keep you in my prayers and hope for a safe return of Boo.



  4. I'm so sorry. That just sucks. Hopefully he will find his way home soon.

  5. Cely, my heart aches for you. It is so hard not knowing if they are ok or not.
    Praying he will be returned to you soon.

  6. oh my...I do hope your doggie shows up soon...that would be so hard. Seems my life has centered around my dog this last year and I would be beside myself if he got lost. Keeping you in my thoughts Cely.

  7. Oh, how sad. I hope you find him soon.

    The flowers are beautiful.


  8. Cely, I have all of you, including Boo, in my prayers. It's so hard to lose a member of the family, even when it's a furbaby member. Sending virtual comfort hugs.

  9. Oh Cely, I'll pray for the safe return of Boo. Hopefully the reward will bring someone forward. Try to have a good weekend. Hopefully you can celebrate his safe return soon.

  10. Oh! my Dear Cely, I do feel your sadness and desperation, I would be like it too. I really hope your handsome Boo is found soon.

    As for your agapanthus, they are beautiful, what a show and they will only get bigger and better each year. Ours is only a few inches high at the moment.

  11. I am so sorry to hear your fur baby is missing. I said a prayer and will keep saying one for his safe return. I know our little babies mean the world to us and I feel you hurt and concern. Big hugs

  12. Cely, i´m totally sorry to hear that your sweet doggy is missing. I keep my fingers crossed that someone find him and bring him back.

    The flowers are beautiful. We also have some in our garden but they are not blooming right now.

    Imke ~ My Crafty Place


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