Grasshoppers in the South

I forgot to mention why I did a card with a grasshopper.

Growing up in the South with grasshoppers was quite "interesting and scary, yet fun".  The South, back then, grew them "HUGE' or maybe we were just children and they looked HUGE to us.  These special, brown, huge, grasshoppers are/were found in the lower part of the state, near the coastal area and had a unique talent.

First, I must tell you what was grown in the coastal area:  cotton and lots and lots of tobacco.  Ok....back to the story!  These grasshoppers loved chewing on the tobacco leaves.  Well...what does an old country boy do when chewing tobacco? Yup, spit.  These grasshoppers would spit tobacco.  I mean they could REALLY SPIT!!! As kids, we would round up lots of grasshoppers, feed them tobacco leaves and bet on which grasshoppers could spit the farthest!!! Hey, cheap, free, fun!

What was not fun and when we least expected it, was when they would spit tobacco at us...gross!  When we bored of the spitting, we would shoved them down each others bathing suits to see who could "stand it" the longest.  I was always a loser.

(PS, scientist say the brown spit was not tobacco juice, but as kids, we didn't know the difference...haha  The scientist also said that grasshoppers don't chew tobacco.  Humm, they needed to come down South and see for themselves.)  Either way, the huge, ugly grasshoppers were quiet entertaining.


  1. Too funny! What imagination kids have. Sometimes I think....oh to be a kid again. Lol
    Your card is just so cool. The sentiments you have are marvelous

  2. Well I don't mind the look of him lol..and I just love the colours..but, play with him? No way..not even as a child.

  3. Well your form of entertainment is WAY different from my form of entertainment! Bugs scare the bageezus outta me!! BTW, I did find the SSS mishap, but at least you still got to enter the anything goes. And I took a closer look at the black "sun rays" and still think its a great effect.

  4. Hilarious! And what great memories. Times were fun back then, huh?



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