Thank you Dr. Springhart

Why does an illness seems to worsen on a weekend when your regular doctor office is closed? As much as I didn't want to, I had to make a couple of trips to the emergency room.  It's called MD 360 and part of our hospital system.  Anyhow, this particular doctor took a keen interest in me.  My illness was out of the normal realm of ER visits...like flu, broken leg etc.  My problems had her baffled.  Now get this, she called me to give some test results and to check on me.  I can't think of a time a doctor called me to see how I was doing.  If anything, they have a nurse call.  I was impressed.  I returned and she spend hours trying to get the problem resolved.

End result....today I feel like my old self...ok...almost  My left leg and foot are still swollen like an old fat log, but the rest of me feels good....yippee

So I made her a quick card in the box.  They are so ding dong easy to make.  I had a lot of scraps lying around.  I added a stethoscope and the Greenville Hospital System logo.  We both talked about needing Spring and flowers in our lives so that's the theme I went with.

fits in A2 envelop, Lindy Gang bee stamp, Doodle Pantry sentiment, bee charm, twine, copics 

Lawn Fawn flowers and birdies, Cheery Lynn exotic butterflies dies,, MB fence die

MB birdhouse die, I made the stethoscope svg, Thank you from Silhouette Store  MB grass dies


  1. I am so glad you found a doc that could help you feel a bit better. I used to have one like that but she moved. Still miss her. I know she will smile when she opens your card. It's awesome!

  2. A FABulous creation. LOve all the elements. Bright cheerful colours and such a pretty little fence.
    It begins to make you feel a tad better when you know they are really listening to you, how Wonderful that she rang you.

  3. ADORABLE Cely! I have yet to make a box card...but you sure are an inspiration! How can this not put a smile on the Doc's face?!?! I'm very happy to hear she is helping you!!


    P.S. I'm also ready for spring...we have about 4-5" of snow here in North Texas...UUGGGGHHHHHHHHH!

  4. So nice when you know someone is listening to you! What a beautiful thank you! She is going to LOVE this beautiful creation and special thank you!

  5. Awesome project, I love all the details and colors. Sure to bring a smile to the Dr. It's awesome that you got a call back and that you are getting results because of her follow through. I sure hope your up to kicking up your heals again soon. Take care

  6. I am sure Dr. Springhart doesn't see many thankful patients who give them beautiful thank yous! What a great card, Cely. Glad you are feeling better!

  7. Oh I am so glad you are feeling better Cely. It may have been destiny that you had to go to the ER instead! I am so sure your Dr. will feel a wonderful feeling of being appreciated when she opens up this fun 3D project!

  8. Wonderful card! I love the fence, it really sets things up nicely. Glad you are feeling better.

  9. What a fabulous card, and so colourful. I am so pleased that you are feeling much better...hugs
    Jackie xx

  10. Wow, will she be shocked! A little positive reinforcement goes a long way. I'm sure she will appreciate the thought as much as you appreciated her personal care.
    Even if spring is a couple weeks away, this card will give her lots of flowers to enjoy! So glad you're feeling (almost) human again!


  11. Cely, This is incredible! I know the doc will love it. I'm so glad you're feeling better, my friend.

  12. First, I can't believe you think these boxes are quick and easy! You are crazy! Second, what an awesome doctor. No joke about unexpected. And finally, I'm so glad you are feeling better!


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