OWL we want for Christmas.....

Here is another Flip-It card.  This technique was a little different.  The lady Darlene on You Tube did an excellent job with "How to Make you own Flip it cards".  I love the owl punch from Stampin' Up and just don't use it enough.

It would be a lot easier to do a video of the card opening and closing but who has the time...haha  I'm just thrill I had a little time to do a card this morning.

A2 horizontal, stitching, border punch by EK, MS leaf punch, pearls

swung out...left a little room at bottom to put a little not and signature


  1. Oh, my goodness. This is soooo cute. And what cute papers you used. Must try this some day when I feel extremely creative. Thanks for the great idea and the video link.

  2. Breathtaking.
    For someone who is up to her ears in work you are doing an amazing job on these cards. I must go and see how to make my own flip it cards as I love them. They make such a neat statement.

  3. This is so cute! Wonderful pair of owls and another fab flip it, Cely.

  4. that's flippin' fun...good to find time to play.

  5. So when it's closed, it's one owl and when it's open there are two? Awesome!! I love how the eyes of the owl on the left move when he discovers he has company!!


  6. Adorable owl and I love the striped paper, Cely! You have really gotten into these flip it cards and I love what you're doing with them. :-D

  7. This is such a cute card!! And that's a really cool fold! Heading over right now to watch that video!

  8. Delightful card, love those 'flip cards' of yours!

  9. This is brilliant! Totally cute and interactive. It's lunch time so I got a chance to watch the video. Not sure if this is possible for my little brain, but maybe I'll give it a go during break.


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