Headed to Rhode Island

Yup....Rhode Island here I come.  I am a warm-climate girl, but I will take my underalls to keep me warm. I am helping family (in-laws) and look forward to seeing them.  MAYBE this Southern girl will see some snow.  I will be gone for 9 days so I will not be posting many cards except the ones I already have on auto-pilot for the next few days.  This will give me lots of time to visit a lot of blogs and your creations.

I have my IPad2 to keep me company, along with my copics and some images to color during "down time".
I'm not a good flyer.


  1. Safe travels! Big ((HUGS))....and while you're flying, just think of all the cool new things I'll be learning, and can show you when you're back! ;0)

  2. Bon Voyage Cely. Have a wonderful time, see you when you get back :o)
    Jackie xx

  3. We'll be thinking of you, Cely. Great cartoons for a "not good" flyer. :-D Hugs.

  4. Have a great visit, Cely ;- ) I know you said helping, so great bonding, too!


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