Gift Box ...and roses at Christmas

I am totally amazed at these 2 roses blooming just days before Christmas.  Being in SC, this is something you just wouldn't see.  They are a little worse for wear but I'm so proud of them putting up a fight and blooming at Christmas....so I had to share a picture of them along with the other darling, quick, easy box I made to hold a little gift for my DL.

SVGCuts offered this beautiful "One-Piece Box" set for FREE.  I do not know if they are still available, but it would be worth you while to check it out.  These boxes are great for male or female as you can tell by the box I made for my son on yesterday's post.

What a wonderful FREE gift box set.


  1. Lovely roses and a lovely box too!

  2. Roses blooming at Christmas, Wow! I'm a bit envious ;- ) I posted about the box giveaway as well, but the gifts I'm giving are either too big or too small. They will be sooo useful for another time though. Your box turned out wonderfully. Again a Blessed Christmas to you and your family!


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