Cely in the Sand!

           I can't get over a special  treat I found on The Zoo Crew sight.  My name in the sand!!!! That was soooooo special to me.  A special someone was at the beach and remembered "ME"....little old "ME" and took the time to write my name in the sand and take a picture.  The picture wasn't even sent to me.  It was on her blog when I went to visit her fun site and see pics of her adorable feline friends.   And, there it was!!!  Anyhooo,  if you know me in the least little bit, I'm such a lover of water, beach, sand, fishing....even the heat, humidity, and gnats.

Thank you Zoey and the Furballs
(Zoey just turned 18)

It's not Hollywood's "Walk of Fame"....It's BETTER!!!!!

that's me!


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