Sending lots of Flurries of Love....

        I enjoyed making this card so I made 5 more.  My goal is to make a Christmas  card every month on the 25th.  So, on the inside, I will say something like...."during this holiday (or Christmas) time".  I made the hearts (doubled the cardstock), embossed, glittered the dots and used pop-ups along with changing the position of the bow and doing a little more stitching.

I made 2 more different cards, but I will not post until tomorrow or later this week for a challenge.  I'm still working on the rest of the zodiac images svgs.


  1. These are fantastic!!! I just love all that different embossing!! These will make wonderful Christmas cards!

  2. Super cute cards! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I really MUST buy that MS border! I just adore everything you've done with it!! I love these, and am SO jealous that you sew!


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