Life is a bowl of cherries

I took my first copic markers class last night and this little girl was our "red" project.  The first thing we did was to color some apple images.  There's a new kind of paper called "Express It" from Australia that copic marker users are raving about.  I used it on the girl and my regular paper I use (110 lb. Exact Index by Wasau).  I am an amateur so at this point I won't be buying the more expensive "Express It", especially with all the boo boos I make....haha

Reds are hard to work with...they can turn orange on you

If you feel like leaving a comment and tell me which apples or paper look the best.  Frankly, I think mine (the cheapest paper looks just as good, but I'm prejudice...haha) Some of this paper can get real expensive.

I will try an post an svg later this evening...I was a busy girl today...haha

Colour Create Challenge: Red, white, and pink


  1. Your card is darling and you did a great job coloring her! I would pick the cherries on the left side. The others are close but the blending looks the best on that paper.

  2. I think your card is fantastic... I love it....

  3. I like the apples on the left - are those yours? You rgirl is adorable! I like the cherry paper in the background, too!

  4. Wow, that's your first class? I'm impressed...and wish that I had done half so well in my first (and only, so far) copic class! I like the shading on the apples to the far left...they look the best blended and richest color to me... Great job!

  5. I would love to take a copic class but nothing is offered in my area. Your work is great. I like the first and third one the best. Did I choose the correct one? Your work is as always awesome.

    mylenew at gmail dot com

  6. seems to be the favorite on the left, I agree. they all look good to me but the left is the best. you did a great job!

  7. Actually I like the middle one. My reasons are because it seems the copic markers make a crisper straighter edge and not a smeary appearance. I find the colors are brighter and more vivid. The paper itself is a bright white which helps make the picture stand out. But as I beginner I would use the cheaper stuff first. good job. Blessings,

  8. well it does seem that the colors on the left are brighter but I like the effect of the markers in the middle because the edges are crisper with no smudges. The colors in the middle however are not bright. Kinda disappointing but I like the bright white color of the paper. You would think as bright white as the paper is the colors would be more vivid. Stay with the one on the left. The right paper is yellow. Your shading is good on all pictures.

  9. Being not much of a colourist myself I think you did a great job on your card. The apples on the left look the best in my opinion, perfect shading.
    Claire xxxx


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