SVGs are universal - Dragonfly (stained-glass)

I so enjoy the svg collections I can purchase and receive free from my favorite sites listed on my blog.  All these sites work so hard to give us the best world of svgs for our personal use.  I wanted to give something back to Mary, who is a wonderful svg creator at SVGCuts.com.  How do you send a card to someone who already makes fabulous cards?  So I started thinking outside the box.  Many people in the forums are cardmakers or scrapbook makers.  Many of these same people use the svgs for other things as well, such as stencils for walls, cookie shapes, cake decorating and for me, I also dabble in stained-glass.  Then, it hit me!  I took artisitic liberties with the "Woodland Dragonfly" freebie (http://svgcuts.com/blog/?p=144) Mary at SVGCuts posted last February. It came from the collection called "Woodland Fairies SVG Collection (main_page=product_info&cPath=8&products_id=3).  The dark blue wings are translucent and really shows off in the sun.  The body was made with opaque blue speckled marbles.  It is wrapped in 60/40 lead. The wing veins were done in 20 gauge wire.

The butterfly was from a quick drawing I did.  I made an svg file and included a body and antenna in case someone would like to use it for something else other than stained-glass. The wings are glass, wrapped in lead (60/40) and the veins are 20 gauge wire.  It is welded to an insulation support.  I bend on end so the butterfly and dragonfly would give the appearance of flight. The link for the svg is to the right:


  1. These are phenomenal!!! I LOVE them!

  2. Just beautiful!! Thank you so much, Cely - it's just gorgeous! A work of art for sure. Looking forward to putting it in my garden this Spring. For now he has a happy home in my house plant. :)

  3. WOW, Cely you just bring so much inspiration to your blog-- and us readers! I am starting to really get into using svg's and have the SCAL2 and use with my cricut. I am just wondering how do you make something into an svg file?? Does the SCAL allow you to upload your own drawing? I use Photoshop 6 but it doesn't have a .svg format to save things as. Hmmm... I'd love to know what program you use to create svg's in :) Thanks!! Love your blog!!


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