Sandblasting and Son Update...

First, I'm very proud and happy for our youngest son who just graduated from college.  He landed a job.  It was the first job position he applied for and came home thrilled with the prospect of working for this chemical company.  We didn't want to burst his bubble, but we had to lay some "reality" on him...being the first job and interview, you usually don't get the job but it's great practice.  Well DANG, he got the job.  He had other interviews and offers, but he turned them down knowing none of them were the "right fit"?  Anyhow, he held out and ding dong....he got the job with the company he first interviewed with.  You don't see that often.  He's now considered a Research and Developmental Chemist (mostly organic chemistry.)  I can't explain his job and he's not allowed to discuss what he does....not that I or DH would understand....but we are thrilled and feel RICHER!!!  He's got an income and we paid his last college apartment rent!  yippee

When I was given a Yeti cup for my birthday from my oldest son (something I would not buy for myself due to cost...haha), I got it engraved for a slight cost.  I started buying the Walmart style since everyone said they were just as good.  I wanted to engrave and not just do vinyl.  I saw what Celeste (Facebook) had done. She inspired me to try.  My husband built me a sandblasting box for about $20.  I bought the air eraser from Harbor Freight for about $22.  Creating stencils with my Cameo, away I went.!!

Real Yeti cup...my DH's initials

back of my Walmart 20 oz tumbler

our SC logo on back on my DH's Walmart 20 oz tumbler...per his request

My youngest son's 20 oz tumbler...his USC university Gamecock mascot

His name...it's not crocked...just my bad angle and bad reflection of the silver

My first orders...with a SC logo and flamingo scene on back


  1. Oh! Cely you must be Soooooooo VERY Proud of him. Congratulations to him and you for being a bit richer LOL.

    I LOVE your cups, you have done a wonderful job on them, they look so professional. I really must have a go of something different on the Cameo.

  2. WOW, those are fabulous, Cely! I never thought about doing my own etching and have paid out waaaay too much money having it done at trophy shops and the like. Next time, I'll have to pay you to do it and pay the shipping, too. :-D

  3. Wow your cups are awesome. I would of sandblasted all but the design. Great job. Congrats to your son for getting the job he wanted.

  4. Congrats to your son ! And have you found a new Passion ?

    Imke ~ My Crafty Place

  5. Congratulations! That's wonderful news!

    Love your sandblasted cups! They look awesome!

  6. Congratulate your son on landing his job right out of the gate! That's impressive.

    I'm glad you've found another hobby! Looks like a "blast!" (Sorry, couldn't help myself!) The etching looks perfect! You're in business now!


  7. OMG your mugs are so awesome! I would love to try - but I'm already drowning in my un-packed craft room. And a big congrats to you and your son. I firmly believe kids make it with great parenting. Obviously he's one smart cookie (organic? I hated organic!) just like his mama.

  8. Awesome mugs Cely! Guess I need to look into getting a Walmart cup!
    Congrats on your son getting his dream job...and to y'all too!


  9. Congrats to your son Cely...I can feel how proud you are. Of course he is a chip off the ole' block! Love your sandblasting...are you going to try it on glass...I have so wanted to try that!


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